Meet the 2018-19 Hall Staff


Sister Mary Lynch - Rector

Mary Lynch is a sister of St. Joseph from Philadelphia, PA. She has an M.A. in Holistic Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, an M.A. in Theology from the University of Notre Dame, and a B.A. in Music from Chestnut Hill College. Sr. Mary has served as rector of McGlinn since 2005, and enjoys spending her time doing Sudoku puzzles, reading mystery novels and watching a wide variety of sports.


Delaney Foreman - Assistant Rector

Hey Shamrocks! My name is Delaney Foreman, but feel free to call me Del! I am a second-year law student and studied political science at Butler University in Indianapolis (Go Dawgs!). I am from Bellevue, Washington and spent a gap year in Seattle working for a law firm before coming to Notre Dame. When I am not studying, I am at our beautiful Duncan gym, getting friends together or Facetiming my two sisters. I am pursuing a career as a litigator and hope to practice in the charming Midwest. Please feel free to drop in and say hello!

Katy Baum - Assistant Rector

Hey Shamrocks! My name is Katy Baum and I am a third-year law student. Having been raised in San Antonio, Texas, I stayed true to my Texas roots  and received a B.B.A. from Texas A&M's business school. Before I came to Notre Dame, I spent eight months working finance at an Audi Dealership in Houston. Now that I am on the downhill slope of law school,  I hope to return to Texas to practice healthcare law. However, when my nose is not buried in legal textbooks, I am usually hanging with friends, working out, or baking (Kookies with Katy anyone?). Also, I love shows like This is Us, Mad Men, and The Office. So please feel free to stop by my room on the fourth floor. My door will frequently be open for you to say hello or to kill an evening.  I look forward to getting to know each of you!

Morgan Williams - 1A

Year: 2019

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Major: Science PreProfessional, Minors in History and Studio Art

Favorite thing about McG: The section decorating competition before Christmas - 1A Shamrocks get ready to be really extra

Where I can be found: My room, Jordan, The Pit, and SDH

Favorite ND Memory: Laughing, dancing, and hanging out with my people

Colleen Johnston - 2A

Year: 2019

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Psychology, Minors in Business Economics and Theology

Favorite thing about McG: Sign of peace at McG mass, and the incredible humans who make this place home.

Where I can be found: O’Shag, studying in Club Hes, 2A :)

Favorite ND Memory: Every football Saturday ever. Ask me if I get goosebumps every time we sing the Alma Mater after a game, the answer is yes.

Belin Mirabile - 2B

Year: 2019

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Catholic Social Tradition

Favorite thing about McG: Sunday night mass (especially singing the Our Father), and the awesome people who live here that become your family

Where I can be found: doing work in Fitz or the ACE building, pretending to do work in the 2B section lounge, SDH

Favorite ND Memory: Winning the flag football championship in the stadium this year!! Roll ‘Rocks!!! And the entire semester I have spent studying abroad in Rome!

Elizabeth Greason - 3A

Year: 2019

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Civil Engineering

Favorite thing about McG: All of our awesome events like Casino Night and Bubble Soccer and the fact that all of the amazing Shamrocks immediately became like family to me! Also, Sister Mary. She’s the best.

Where I can be found: Studying on the second floor of Fitzpatrick, working in the Observer office in the basement of SDH, or hanging out in the 3A section lounge!

Favorite ND Memory: Getting to sit courtside for The Observer and go into the locker room when ND women’s basketball won the national championship (I still haven’t stopped smiling!) and winning the B-team Flag Football championship in the Stadium freshman year!

Siena Mantooth - 3B

Year: 2019

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia

Major: Chemical Engineering

Favorite thing about McG: The people! McGlinn is a second home.

Where I can be found: Experimenting in McCourtney or studying in Stinson Remick

Favorite ND Memory: During the first week of my freshman year, a junior in my section struck up a conversation with me and provided valuable insight that I use even today.  In that three minute conversation, she helped direct my entire college experience.

Talia Snider - 4A

Year: 2019

Hometown: Moline, Illinois

Major: Accounting

Favorite thing about McG: The friendliness of the Shamrocks! There is always someone to chat with if you just spend some time in McGlinn.

Where I can be found: Mendoza Atrium, SDH, McGlinn 4A!, Sorin (the second best dorm on campus), or probably the Como computer lab (my second home).

Favorite ND Memory: The first time I met my best group of friends during my first year.


Marisa Lucht - 4B

Year: 2019

Hometown: Franklin, Wisconsin

Major: Applied & Computational Math and Statistics

Favorite thing about McG: The fact that McG has 3 dances (one SYR and two formals) plus Casino Night, creating plenty of opportunities to dress-up and dance with the most ~shamrockin’~ ladies on campus.

Where I can be found: Studying in LaFun or hanging out in the 4B section lounge

Favorite ND Memory: Waking up at 6AM to be in the front row for College Game Day and then storming the court that night after ND Men’s Basketball upset #1 seed UNC. Also yacht dance. Enough said.