Project Commissioners

Madeline Gillen

Madeline is senior history major from Naples, Florida.  She is serving as co-chair this year.  Working on the Edith Stein project has been her favorite extra curricular while at Notre Dame, and she hopes to be engaged in similar projects after graduation.  Please contact her at

                                                                       Caroline Reuter

Caroline is a senior theology major and philosophy minor from New Orleans, Louisiana.  She is thrilled to be serving as co-chair for the conference this year and looks forward to the engaging discussions and wonderful fellowship that the conference provides. Contact her at

Annie Crider

Annie Crider is a junior Theology major with minors in Education, Schooling, and Society (ESS) and Studio Art.  She is from Jefferson City, Missouri, and currently lives in Farley Hall.  She assisted in planning the Edith Stein Conference in 2013 on Beauty, and she is the Venue and Hospitality Commissioner for the Edith Stein Conference 2014.  She is looking forward to being a part of planning this great conference once again and is honored to be a part of it.
Abby Blanchard

Abby is a junior English and American Studies major from Rockford, Michigan. She loves the community and message of the Edith Stein Project. She is excited to work as Advertising commissioner during the fall, but will be studying abroad in London during the spring semester.  

Carolyn Perez

Carolyn is a junior in the College of Arts and Letters from just outside of Atlanta, GA. She is currently studying abroad in France, but will be back to help during the spring semester. Some of Carolyn's interests include: sports, sunshine, friends, interesting lectures, playing guitar, drawing, traveling, speaking different languages, and working at the Writing Center.

Shannon is a freshman psychology major from Greensboro, North Carolina.  She is excited to help with planning the conference this year.  She enjoys Irish dancing, singing, and music.