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Fluid Structure Interactions

This group deals with dynamic couplings that can exist between fluid flows and structural elements. This usually results in a nonlinear interaction which can produce resonances, and ultimately lead to structural failures. Flow control to prevent this is a major growing area. Examples range from bridge suspensions to jet engine turbine blades. In aerodynamics, it includes flight instabilities which involve flow induced oscillations such as wing rock and flutter.

This topic is of interest to both Aerospace and Civil Engineers. In Civil Engineering, it falls in the general area of Wind Engineering, which also includes building aerodynamics, wind micro-climate and dispersion. Experiments in this area are jointly done in an environmental wind tunnel in the Hessert Building, and will therefore be a part of this group in the Center.

Our present Aerospace research addresses applications such as dynamic control of aircraft, high cycle fatigue in turbine stators, and vibrations in towed cable arrays.

Funding in this area comes from the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Office of Naval Research.