Setting Up Email Clients for Google@ND

This site contains directions for configuring IMAP and fully transitioning from Exchange to Google. 

*Important: Before configuring your mail client, you must first go to the tutorial for ensuring that IMAP is enabled in your Gmail account, which can be found at this link or in the table of contents in the left sidebar.*

*Important: You may need to synchronize your password with Google by resetting your Notre Dame password. If your password is refused after setup (potentially when trying to send or receive a message), go to and reset your Notre Dame password.*

Those who use Thunderbird, Outlook, and Mac Mail should refer to the table of contents on the left sidebar of this site for instructions.

Those who use any other email client should click on this link to a Google support page. This page contains key information and generic directions that will assist in configuring IMAP on rarer mail clients.

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