Happy Thanksgiving!

Section 1B gets in the holiday spirit at the Cav Thanksgiving Dinner.

Order Your CavaSwag Now!
Order forms and money due to your RAs (or Miranda) by Dec. 3.

Cavazahm Brother-Sister Week
Come celebrate some brother-sister love with our brother dorm, Zahm!
MONDAY, 5pm:  Section Family Dinner & Photo Session
TUESDAY, 7pm:  Taco Tuesday (Cav Basement)
WEDNESDAY, 7pm:  Capture the CHAOS
THURSDAY, 9pm:  Section Dodgeball (Rolfs)
SATURDAY, 5pm:  Tailgating post CavOpen (CavaZahm Quad)
SUNDAY, 1pm:  "For the Kids" Service Event (Zahm Basement)
SUNDAY, 10pm: Sundae Sunday (Cav Mass)

Ping pong is upon us!
Get your paddles ready for the best ping pong tournament on campus.
Form a team. Click the link below. Sign up to play. Dominate.

Naughty of the Month: Tesia!

Hometown: Walkerton, IL
Favorite Cav tradition: being awesome
Favorite ND tradition: band march-out on gameday mornings
Favorite food: liquid diet of coffee
(Not so) secret talent: baking & cooking
Future plans: find out what the fox says

Introducing Cavanaugh Dodgeball!

What: A dodgeball tournament for Cav residents
When: 9-11pm Thursdays in November
How: Join your section's team! (sign up with your RA)
Why: Because Cav is the best. Ever.

Have a Safe Fall Break!

Good Luck on Midterms!

Go Cavanaugh! Beat Midterms!

Just a little green and purple to celebrate the end of midterms!

We bring the CHAOS

How do we dominate? Pep-rallies! No dorm cheers louder, wears more paint, or has a Naughty as a mascot!

Cavanaugh: Dorm Spirit Champs!

Cavanaugh Rocks Sunday Sundaes

Sundays 10pm in Chapel; Sundaes in basement after mass
            Cavanaugh fellowship has never been so sweet! Newly implemented this year is Cav's weekly "Sunday Sundaes." What a success they have been! All residents are invited to celebrate mass Sunday nights at 10pm in the chapel and then to partake of an ice cream social in the basement directly afterwards. It's a great opportunity to begin the week off right with spirituality and a whole bunch of Cav love.

Go Irish! Beat Sun Devils!

October 5 @ 7:30pm
 Come to the Cav Basement for food and fun and to watch the Irish take on the Arizona Sun Devils. All are welcome! Big Sis/Lil Sis pairs encouraged!

CAVAween is upon us!

        Join 4th Floor RA Mia and your fellow Cavanaughties for a nightly Halloween movie through the month of October. Come, relax and watch some movies that are guaranteed not to be scarier than your midterms.

October 11: Cavanaugh's The Great Gatsby themed SYR

Sign up today. It's free!

Compliments or Brags? 
(¿Porque no los dos?!)

        Got a fellow Cavanaughty who totally rocked an exam? Did you beast that paper? Why not let us know! Put your (or your friend's) accomplishment on a sticky note found at the LaFun doors (Section 1B) and put it up on the wall so that the community can celebrate the NAUGHsomeness!

Happy Naughfest! Go CHAOS!

         In honor of Cavanaugh's official spirit week, Naughfest, residents enjoyed "CavaCookies" and a social after Sunday evening mass. This was just one of the many events will celebrate the Chaotic Spirit of our dorm this week!

Meet this Month's Cavanaughty!

Introducing Marshall: Fish in Residence
        Marshall is one of the most unique and beloved members of the Cavanaugh Community. He loves swimming, sleeping and all things CHAOTIC. He resides on the 4th floor with AR Katie Bennett and is currently being trained to perform tricks! This month he was nominated by Cavanaugh residents to be the "Naughty of the Month." He is not big with words, but we know he is honored anyway. Congratulations Marshall!

Cavanaugh Loves Zahm!

        Cavanaugh shows some sibling love to brother dorm Zahm following the recent resignation of Zahm's rector. Residents signed and decorated a banner to show their support.