Honeywell Best Student Paper Awards:
1. Matching Vein Patterns from Color Images for Forensic InvestigationHengyi Zhang, Chaoying Tang, Adams Wai-Kin Kong, Noah Craft
2. Robust Feature Extraction in Fingerprint Images Using Ridge Model TrackingNathaniel Short, Lynn Abbott, Michael Hsiao, Edward Fox

5-Year Highest Impact Award for a BTAS 2007 Paper:
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition: A SurveyJosef Kittler, Kieron Messer, Xuan Zou

Best Poster Awards:
Day 1. A Multi-Sample Standoff Multimodal Biometric SystemChristopher Boehnen, Del Barstow, Dilip Reddy, Chris Mann
Day 2. Hallucinating Faces in the DarkSasikanth Bendapudi, Khoa Luu, Marios Savvides
Day 3. On Iris Camera InteroperabilitySunpreet Arora, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, Anil K. Jain

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