Understanding Engineering Concepts

Capacity to define and fully understand technical problems presented in a collegiate setting.

EG10111 Module 1 Final Report - This paper reflects my first experience in a class tailored toward those considering studying engineering.  I worked with a team to optimize a bracing scheme of a k'Nex tower with a set limit state of deflection.  Together, we defined the technical problem and used a systematic method of analysis to determine their final design.    

EG10112 Module 4 Final Report - This paper was the culmination of my experience in Notre Dame's first-year engineering program.  Four other teammates and I designed from scratch a railgun with an electrically propelled bullet.  Our group had to account for restraints on the materials, size, cost, and safety of their project throughout the design process.  

All the activity and analysis that went into creating these reports reflects to my ability to understand and demonstrate said understanding of the engineering concepts involved.  The skills I have attained in this area and continue to attain throughout my collegiate career, I feel, will help me develop as a well rounded engineer.