What is Work-Based Learning?

Work-based learning( WBL) experiences are activities that involve actual work experience or that connect classroom learning to employment and careers. It is a process that allows students to explore careers, connect with businesses, learn about the function of an organization, and understand the relevance of their education. WBL creates opportunities for employers and the North Country Career Center to provide structured learning experiences to develop workplace readiness, technical, and 21st Century Skills.(Adapted from the Vermont Agency of Education WBL Learning Manual, pg. 10)

The North Country Career Center's WBL Program provides paid and unpaid work-based learning experiences.

Contact: Carol Trembley, 334-5469, x3306 or Andrea Carbine, 334-5469, 3425, or stop by the WBL offices.  The WBL offices are located in the North Country Career Center upstairs in room 441, The Center for External Learning and Media Resources.