What is a Genre

Welcome to Lowell's Genre Project! This website will present information on several musical genres that students in 5th-8th grade will be researching this year. Each genre page will contain the following information:
  • A definition of the genre (researched and created by the students)
  • Characteristics and criteria of the genre
  • History and evolution of the genre
  • Connections between the researched genre and other genres
  • A compilation of bands and artists that belong to this genre
This website can act as your one-stop-shop for learning all about a musical genre. Maybe you already have a genre of music you like to listen to, but you want to find more artists or bands within that genre. You can do that here. Maybe you've heard of a genre of music, but you want to learn more about that genre. You can do that here. Through reading, researching, and listening, Lowell's students will become experts of the genre they are working with.