The North Country Supervisory Union recognizes the valuable contributions made to the schools by volunteers.  A volunteer means an individual not employed by the school district who works on an occasional or regular basis in the school setting to assist the staff. A volunteer works without compensation or economic benefits.  It further recognizes that appropriate supervision, whenever possible of volunteers, will enhance their contributions as well as fulfill the responsibility that the school district has for the education and safety of its students.  

In addition, chaperones are often needed for field trips.  Field trips are an important educational activity which is an authentic form of curriculum implementation.  

NCSU maintains an approved volunteer and chaperone list to ensure that volunteers and chaperones are appropriately screened prior to entering into service in the school district, and that only volunteers and chaperones who have been screened and approved by the superintendent have extended unsupervised contact with students.   To get on this approval list individuals must complete a packet that gives NCSU the authorization to do a criminal background check as well as child, adult and sexual abuse registry checks.  These checks can take up to 5-7 business days to verify, so please plan accordingly.  Once on the approval list, as long as some chaperoning or volunteering is done every school year, individuals remain active.  If ever a gap of one full school year goes by with no activity then the process will have to be re-done.  

The screening packet link is below.  Once completed please return to the school or NCSU office for processing.