Color Science & Imaging Lab

Yuzheng Lu is  currently a Visiting Scholar  in the College of Textiles at NCSU, US, coming from Jiangnan University, China.

Research Interests
  • Application of Computer Technology on Textile Project
    • Digital Image Analysis for visual assessment
    • Color Assessment for Textiles 
  • Evaluation for the Function of Textiles
    • Mechanical Properties 
    • Visual Properties
  • Y.Z. Lu, W. D. Gao, J.H. Liu. Color separation for colored fiber blends based on the fuzzy C-means cluster, Color research and application, 2012, 37(3), 212-218
  • Yuzheng Lu, Feng Wang. A color image quantization method used for filling color picture production, Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Industrial Application (Volume 5), 2010
  • Y.Z. Lu, W.D. Gao, X.Y. Zhang. Assessing Texture of Slub-Yarn Fabric Using Image Analysis, Journal of Donghua University, 2007, vol. 24(2)
  • Y.Z. Lu, W.D. Gao, H.B. Wang. A model for the twist distribution in the slub-yarn, International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 2007, vol. 19 (1)

  • Ph.D of Engineering, Jiangnan Uni., Wuxi, China, 2002.9- 2007.9
  • Bachelor of Textile Project, Jiangnan Uni., Wuxi, China, 1998.9-2002.7