We're building the robotic manipulator arm for the NCSU Terrestrial Robotics Club as they take on the University Rover Challenge

3D files are live: thingiverse.com/thing:22255

This robotic arm will be battery powered, remotely operated, and will interface with the robotic controller developed by the “Mobile Rover Control System” senior design group. We will use off-the-shelf servo motors, rotary encoders, potentiometers, motor controller ICs, and microcontrollers for the electronics. The structural components will be rapid prototyped with 3d printing and CO2 laser cutting.

Hardware features: 
  • Atmega32u4 controller (check out the Teensy or the ProMicro)
  • USB + Serial UART interface
  • 4x rotation high-torque sail winch servos (these)
  • Motor disable allows for learn-via-moving
  • 3d printed + laser cut parts
  • Everything load-bearing on skateboard bearings
  • Pressure fit laser cut gears (based on Solidworks Gear Generator on thingiverse)

Open source-ness:
The final CAD files will be released on thingiverse, the firmware on GitHub, and the build-log will be located here. We're using Solidworks to design the mechanical systems, Universal laser 660 laser cutter to cut acrylic and birch wood parts, and an Ultimaker for 3d printing.