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2018 PROGRAM  [June 2 - August 2, 2018] 

> Housing: Wolf Village Apartments for non-NCSU participants only
    Participants in other NCSU summer research programs will be staying here, which creates opportunities for broader engagement and interaction.
  • This University Housing community, with 24 hour service desk (in Gray Hall), on-site convenience store, recreation facility and computer lab, is located  a short walk from campus.  These are 4 bedroom, 2 bath units; each participant will have a private bedroom with a shared bath and shared kitchen/living room area. 
  • The apartments are equipped with high-speed internet and washer and dryer units in each apartment. Some restaurants and a grocery store are within walking distance from Wolf Village (see google map).
  • There are several dining options on campus, or one can use the kitchen in each unit.
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    • Wolf Village is located at 2730 Wolf Village Way, Raleigh, NC 27607
    • While bedroom and common living room furniture are provided, we do not provide linens, personal items, kitchenware, etc.
    • Suggested packing list
      • Full-sized XL Beds (54” x 74”); Personal desk and desk chair, bookshelf, mini-dresser; Common area with couch, chair, entertain center, coffee table, dining table and chairs; Kitchen with microwave, stove, and refrigerator; Washer/dryer; Ceiling fans; Shower Curtains & Trash Cans
      • Photo ID; Health insurance card; Sheets for beds, size Full Extra-Long; Towels; Ethernet cord for your laptop (Wireless is not guaranteed in each apartment); Cell phone charger; Bathroom Amenities; Cooking supplies / Dishes; Trash Bags; Iron & Ironing board
      • Pets, of any kind; Appliances exceeding 1800 watts or 15 amps; Hot plates, deep-fat fryers, toasters, toaster ovens, open flames, or open coil appliances; Torchiere-style halogen lamps; Candles of any kind; NO SMOKING in or within 25ft of any NC State building!
    • On your scheduled date of arrival, Check-In at the Wolf Village 24-Hour Service Desk located in the lobby of Gray Hall. Map:
    • Upon arrival, each guest will need to present photo ID and inform the desk staff as to precisely which REU program you are a part of--you are in the RISE (CCEE) program.
    • You will be issued a set of 2 Keys and a Guest Building Access Card.  You will also need to complete an apartment condition report (ACR) and return it to the service desk within 4 hours of your arrival, noting the condition of the assigned room/apartment upon occupancy.
    > Transportation: 
    Wolf Village is on the free Wolfline bus system for easy access to all campus facilities.  GoRaleigh provides bus service throughout Raleigh while GoTriangle provides regional service to surrounding areas including Durham and Chapel Hill. You may also consider the LimeBike bike share service.

    > Stipend Pay Schedule (tentative)
    • The total stipend for the summer is $4000 (this may not apply to students not living in the US). Depending on your residency status, an initial payment of $1000 will be upon arrival. Subsequent $1500 payments are tentatively scheduled for July 1 and July 25.
      > Health Services: 
      • The department will purchase a supplemental “campers insurance” that will allow you to receive care at Student Health Services for accidental medical expenses as a result of an accident without any co-pay due at the time of services. In the event of illness, you may receive care at Student Health Services but they are only considered “in-network” by Blue Cross, Aetna, and Cigna.  If you have any other insurance carrier, in case of illness you may also receive care at an Urgent Care facility in the area. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you. 
      > Gym Access: 

      • June 2-3: Checking and moving in
      • June 3 [~1:15 pm, Gray Hall Lobby, Wolf Village]: Area/campus orientation for visiting students
      • June 4 [8:30-11:00; 304 Mann Hall] Introductions (breakfast snacks/refreshments served) + Campus ID cards + Talley Student Center
      • June 4 [11:00-12:00; 304 Mann Hall]: Safety Training [Ken Kretchman, Director, Environmental Health & Safety, NCSU]
      • June 6 [2:30; 304 Mann Hall]: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills  [Dr. Francis de los Reyes, CCEE Department, NCSU]
      • June 6 [4:30-6:00, Mitch's Tavern]: Informal Social 
      • June 13 [2:30-5:30, 304 Mann Hall]: (first session) Library Resources, Literature Search and Review, and Plagiarism [Dr. Bertha Chang, Ms. Shelby Hallman, NCSU Libraries]  PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS and identify and review 2-3 articles of relevance to your research;  (second session) 2 slide/2 minute presentation of summer research plan by each participant
      • [optional] June 14 [9:30-11:00; 301 Riddick Hall]: Research Ethics Seminar, [Dr. David Resnik, JC, PhD, Bioethicist and IRB Chair, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH]. 
        • This is a general content area session to cover misconduct (falsification, fabrication, plagiarism), data management, authorship, and mentorship.  
      • June 20 [2:30, 304/307 Mann Hall]: Preparing an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship [Dr. Doug Call, CCEE Department, NCSU] (Presentation Slides;  NCSU Grad School Resources
      • [recommended] June 21 [9:30-11:00; 210 Park Shops]Research Symposium Registration Information, Poster Training Seminar [George Hess and Associate Director of OUR].  
        • Students learn how to construct a good poster and how to register for the symposium and submit abstracts; Registration site for summer symposium opens and step by step registration instructions will be provided during this session; see details here.
      • June 27 [2:30; 304/307 Mann Hall]: Writing a Research Abstract [Dr. Meagan Autry, Assistant Dean, William Peace U] 
      • TBD: Funding Graduate School and NSF Fellowship Programthis session will include some of our NSF Graduate Fellowship awardees on a panel to answer questions about their experience; we have 4 NSF Graduate Fellowship holders in our department
      • July 11 [1:10-5:30, 304/307 Mann Hall]: Research Progress/Status Presentations [10 min per person: approximately 7 min oral presentation and 3 min Q&A/discussion; work with your mentors to develop/prepare for this presentation; please invite them to attend] 
        • Purpose is to present to each other your research; it should communicate the motivation for the research, your core research question(s), the approach/methodology, preliminary results so far and what they mean, expected results and outcome by the end of July, and how the results/outcome would help address your research questions.   
      • July 18 [2:30; 307 Mann Hall]: Poster Preparation and Presentation Skills; PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS [Dr. Meagan Autry, Assistant Dean, William Peace U] Session slides; Sample Posters
      • July 21 Noon: Submission Deadline--Research Symposium Registration and Abstract
      • July 25 [2:00-5:30; 307 Mann Hall]: Research poster presentation practice 
        • Each of you will display on the screen a digital version of your draft poster, and give a short presentation (no more than 3 minutes); then the audience (i.e., all of you and available mentors) will give feedback and suggestions; each person will have a total of 6 minutes; please invite your mentors to attend.
      • July 27: Poster Printing Deadline and Instructions 
        • The symposium registration site will close at 12pm (noon) on Saturday July 21st. Students should upload their poster for printing no later than Friday the 27th. The poster print offices are closed on the weekends and require a 24 hour turn around time during normal business hours (M-F 8-5p).
      • July 31 [11:45-4:30; Talley Ballroom]: Research Symposium 
        • Summer 2018 Program
        • Student Check In 11:30am -12:30pm for all posters/presenters
        • Two sessions; Session numbers depend on the poster number; see program for your poster number
      • August 1 [10:00; 304/307 Mann Hall]: NCSU CCEE Graduate Program Information and Applying to Graduate Programs; Debriefing
        • Please fill out again the Program Evaluation questionnaire
        • We need your input ( about the program overall, your experience, what worked and what didn't, suggestions for improvement, etc.
        • Please upload here a copy (preferably as a pdf file) of your poster;
        • Please upload here photos you'd like to share with others;
        • Pizza will be served at the end of this session; please invite your mentors.
      • August 3, 10 am: Fully Vacate and Checkout of Wolf Village Apartments before 10 am


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      > Sample of photos from the previous RISE programs