Raleigh Girls' Video Game Design Camp, Summer 2013

Welcome to the website for the Raleigh Girls' Video Game Design Camp! This is a one-week long summer camp where you will learn how to design and build a computer game from scratch! We will have numerous field trips and fun activities throughout the week! This camp is part of the Engineering Summer Programs at NC State, where you can learn what engineering is all about and have fun while doing it!

The rest of this website is organized as follows. You can also use the links on the left to navigate to different pages.

Camp Agenda
Agenda for the camp can be found here.

What is Computer Science?
Want to find out what Computer Science is all about? Learn more here.

The Engineering Design Process
We will be using a tried-and-tested method of software development. Details about the process can be found on this page.

Photographs from the camp will be made available on this page.

Learn more about your camp staff here.

We will be using a software called GameMaker to build the games. Online resources for GameMaker and materials developed for this camp can be found here.

Teams and Games
Teams for game development and the final products will be made available on this page.

External resources such as other game engines, tools for modeling and designing as well as educational websites will be available here. You are encouraged to build games using other applications available online!

You will complete a pre-survey and a post-survey as part of the camp. Links to the surveys will be posted here (only on the days that you need to fill it out).