Poe Conference Room Scheduling
  1. Subscribe to the calendar Poe Conference Room, e.g POE-120-CED, find the free/busy time on calendar.

  2. Create an event with video call, or without video call

  3. Wait for Dean’s office Admins to approve it. Get notification that the event is accepted.

(Requests will be approved or denied within 24-48 hours. If your request occurs sooner than 48 hours, submit the request and then contact the admin in the Dean's Office.)

  1. Go to the event details to modify the events if needed.      

  2. (Optional) Start the event with video call using Chromebox in the conference room (Room 120, 400H).

Subscribe to calendar Poe Conference Room, e.g POE-120-CED

  1. In your Google account. Open up Google Calendar – https://calendar.google.com
  2. Select the drop down arrow next to “Add a coworker's calendar” and click on “Browse resources”.

  3. You’ll be presented with a list of building abbreviations. Scroll down the building list for the resource you want to add, look for POE.

  4. When you find the resource Poe-120-CED, etc, Click and Check the box to the far right of that calendar and it will appear in your personal calendar.


  1. Note: You can remove an unwanted resource calendar by following the same steps and uncheck the box. All calendars you already subscribe to will display already checked option.

  2. Click Back arrow to return to your personal calendar view.

Create an event

  1. In your Google account, open Google Calendar.

  2. Click Add icon on the lower right  corner

     to schedule an event.
  3. Include event details - the event title, date, time, and guests.

  4. Click Rooms, etc. on the right side of the page

  5. Click on the dropdown and choose Include unavailable rooms(POE conference Rooms is always showed as unavailable to general users), then scroll down Poe to search all Poe Conference Rooms, click Add next to a Conference Room, e.g POE-120-CED.


  1. On the right, find the Add guests section. Start typing the name of the person and choose a result from your contacts, or type an email address to invite people who are not in your contact list.

  2. To make sure that all guest(s) and the Room are free during the time chosen, click the Find a time tab. Use the arrows at the top to navigate between days. Once you’ve found a time, click the area within the calendar grid. The time will update at the top of the page.


  1. (Optional)After Find a time, go back to EVENT DETAILS, click the dropdown to choose  Add conferencing or No conferencing.


  1. Name the event, try to keep the name short and distinct. The name has to be 15 characters or fewer.

  2. Click Save to send others an invitation that may include a link to the video call.   

Start the event with video call

  1. In the room. Press the Chromebox icon on the Crestron panel. You should see it appear on the display(s).

  2. Using the keyboard remote control (found in the center cabinet, bottom drawer) use the arrow keys on the back to select a hangout (your event name) to join.

  3. (optional) If you need to invite additional guests to the hangout, use the remote control’s arrow keys to select Invite People and then press the center buttons.

  4. (optional) In the Send Invite field enter the email address of the person(s) and then press the Enter key.

  5. At the end of your video call session, press the red phone icon on the remote to disconnect.