NC State - University of Adelaide

NC State and the University of Adelaide have established a strategic partnership to advance research collaboration and academic exchanges across areas of complementary strength and expertise.  

The joint NC State-Adelaide Food Security and Health Workshop will bring together researchers from NC State and the University of Adelaide, Australia in order to develop a partnership that builds on joint strengths in research and teaching.  A focus on food security (broadly covering aspects of access, safety, nutrition and production) within a multi-disciplinary context will include presentations, discussions and strategic planning across activities in plant breeding, plant science, food bioprocessing and nutrition, soil science, and animal/veterinary sciences.  The Workshop is also an opportunity to engage biotechnology partners in the Research Triangle Park in a way to leverage complementary expertise and synergies.

Workshop Schedule: (see full agenda appended below)

Monday April 22 - Research Showcase
Session I: 8:30-12:15
Session II: 1:00-5:15

Tuesday April 23 - Innovation "Sandpit" Sessions
(Location: Hunt Library, Creativity Studio, 4th floor)
- "Taste the Waste" screening (7:00 pm)
(Location: DH Hill Library, Erdahl-Cloyd Auditorium)

Wednesday April 24 - Big Data Workshop
(Location: Hunt Library, Institute for Emerging Issues Lecture Hall)

Thursday April 25 - Academic Programs
(Location: TBC)
- Frontiers in Biotechnology: Panel Discussion and Seminar
(Location: Hunt Library)


Contact Information:

David J. Dixon
International Program Coordinator
Office of International Affairs

Marian G. McCord
Director of Global Health Initiatives
Office of International Affairs

John Sabella
Assistant Dean, CALS
David Dixon,
Apr 21, 2013, 10:50 AM
David Dixon,
Apr 21, 2013, 10:50 AM