Stage Manager

Welcome UT Stage Managers!

 The stage  manager’s task is to take care of the details so that the director, designers and cast can be free to 
develop the art of the production.  The Assistant Stage Manager’s task is to provide support to the stage manager
 so that they may successfully organize and run a production. They are both the point of communication
between the artistic staff and the production staff. Together, the stage management team is a key player in 
every production and must be extremely detail oriented and well organized. 

This site is designed to help you complete your task as part of the stage management team. Here you will find 

all supporting paperwork, schedules, and information needed to successfully stage manage a show. You will not 

only use this site for yourself but also refer your cast and crew here for announcements, calendars, and other 

production related paperwork thorough out the rehearsal process. 

Below are the links to various documents you will use through-out the production.

Please feel free to contact Joshua Reaves with any questions you may have regarding 

stage management here at NCSU's University Theatre

Stage Management Documents

Stage Management Hand Book

                        Productions                Crew Roles                Interest Sheet

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