North Carolina Student Academy of Science

The North Carolina Student Academy of Science (NCSAS) is an organization for students in grades 6-12 in alliance with the North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS). The objectives of NCSAS are 1) promoting the study of science, technology, and mathematics, 2) assisting students to pursue careers in science and technology, and 3) encouraging students to use their talents for the improvement of themselves, their schools, and their communities. Each year, NCSAS holds District and State meetings at which students have the opportunity to share their research in competition.

The NCSAS is made up of nine districts state-wide with eight of them being geographical and the ninth being the North Carolina School of Science and Math which enrolls students from all over the state. While many members of NCSAS are affiliated by a club membership, students may also register for individual membership. Registration forms must be filled out to participate in the meetings, and new members may join during registration. While most districts offer district competitions, some do not, and students not in districts that hold competitions are encouraged to send in their papers directly to the state competition.

We are not the Science Fair, Science Olympiad, or Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, all organizations that seek to foster student interest in science and mathematics. NCSAS does that, too, but is distinctive in holding competitions at the District and State levels for students who have completed research projects, requiring both a paper and an oral presentation, and providing an opportunity for them to receive personal feedback from research scientists in their field. In addition, we offer mini-grants to student researchers to encourage their efforts.

Awards given at the State Competition include cash, plaques, science magazine subscriptions, books, cash, and bookstore gift cards. For high school students we also award a limited number of expense-paid trips to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)/American Junior Academy of Science meetings for the most outstanding papers, plus we give a $1,000 college scholarship each year. Student winners are invited to present their work at the annual meeting of the NC Academy of Science, North Carolina's association for college level research scientists. Finally, through our affiliation with the NC Academy of Science, we award honorary memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science to two students each year.

For more details regarding NCSAS and information about the district and state meeting procedures, please see the NCSAS Handbook.