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Publications Committee

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Committee Members

Karen Guzman

Professor of Biology at Campbell University

My research is primarily with undergraduates. I am especially interested in helping my students to explore interesting questions in Cell Biology. My broad area of interest is in cell differentiation and cell-specific gene expression and with answering questions using bioinformatics and related tools.

Casey Davenport

Assistant Professor Of Meteorology At The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

Dr. Davenport's research expertise is in severe weather, with a focus on understanding how changes in temperature, moisture, and wind impact storm evolution. She teaches courses in atmospheric dynamics, numerical modeling, and mesoscale meteorology.

Jessica McCann

Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center

Dr. McCann's research focuses on how very early life exposure to bacteria affects immune system development later in life. She also mentors undergraduate, graduate, and MD fellows as they develop their research projects.

Beth Overman

Director of Graduate Academic and Professional Development Programs in the Graduate School at NC State

Beth provides professional development in teaching, research communication, career skills, and professional development for graduate students. In addition, Beth teaches undergraduate life science courses and study abroad programs.

Daniel Stovall

Assistant Professor of Biology at North Carolina Wesleyan College

Daniel teaches multiple courses in the biomedical science major, including Human Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, and Developmental Biology. His research focuses on aberrant epigenetic regulation of tumor suppressor genes in human cancers.
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