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As a NCAS member, you may want to participate by becoming a member of one of the Academy's committees. Some of these are listed below with a short description of the committee's responsibilities. Contact an Academy Board Member or email ncacadsci@meredith.edu, if you are interested in serving on any of these committees. More detailed information regarding responsibilities of elected members and appointed Board Members can be found in the NCAS Handbook.

Membership Committee

Develop membership forms 
Increase awareness of the Academy 
Contact and solicit potential members

Publications Committee

Arrange and publish the Academy Newsletters 
Produce one-time publications as needed

Education Committee

Inform and advise BOD about activites and issues in science education in NC 
Plan for educational issues to be incorporated into annual meeting when requested

Strategic Planning Committee

Develop and maintain a strategic plan for the Academy 
Propose changes in the Constitution and/or By-Laws

Finance, Grants and Endowment Committee

Determine guidelines for handling Academy funds and prepare an annual budget
Identify and contact potential sources of monies 
Organizing financing of specific projects for the Academy 
Build the endowment of the Academy

Yarbrough Research Grants Committee

Advertise grants 
Receive proposals for grants, evaluate and choose recipients

Science and Public Policy Committee

Represent Academy in relationships with government of the State of NC 
Monitor openings for scientists on state advisory boards and commissions 
Communicate with state legislators regarding scientific matters of interest to NC