About the Academy

The objective of the North Carolina Academy of Science is to "encourage the advancement of science within the state of North Carolina by promotion of scientific research and by the fostering of education in the sciences". The North Carolina Academy of Science meets these objectives by...

  • Publishing a peer reviewed scholarly journal, the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science.
  • Fostering and encouraging student involvement in the sciences through support of the Collegiate (CANCAS) and Student Academies (NCSAS).
  • Promoting interactions among scientists and students throughout North Carolina.
  • Providing a forum for exchange of ideas for solving issues important to North Carolina.

The Academy members include individuals from academia, industry, government, and all others who support the objectives and goals of the Academy. 

The Academy is managed by a Board of Directors composed of elected and appointed members.

The Academy is supported primarily by individual, institutional, and corporate membership dues and donations.

The Academy consists of three branches: the Senior Academy, Collegiate Academy (officially Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science, CANCAS) and Student Academy (officially North Carolina Student Academy of Science, NCSAS), but all are components of the Academy.

The Senior Academy (NCAS)

The Senor Academy is an organization of academic, corporate and governmental scientists and graduate students. The Academy encourages public interest in science, conducts an annual meeting at a NC college campus, publishes the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science, and provides leadership and support for the collegiate and student divisions.

The Collegiate Academy (CANCAS)

The Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science (CANCAS) is community of undergraduate students and faculty advisors. We may be from different institutions and many different clubs and perhaps even different disciplines of science, but we have a lot in common. By sharing our common interests, we find stability. By sharing our diversity, we grow.

Our interest in scientific endeavors is our common goal. Knowing that scientific progress requires the combined effort of many individuals, we hope to foster interactions among our membership. We hope you will join us as we work to stimulate interactions among members of the scientific community in North Carolina.

Go to the CANCAS page for information specific to the Collegiate Academy.

The Student Academy (NCSAS)

The North Carolina Student Academy of Science (NCSAS) is an organization for students in grades 6-12 in alliance with the North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS). The objectives of NCSAS are 1) promoting the study of science, technology, and mathematics, 2) assisting students to pursue careers in science and technology, and 3) encouraging students to use their talents for the improvement of themselves, their schools, and their communities. Each year, NCSAS holds District and State meetings at which students have the opportunity to share their research in competition.

The NCSAS page has additional information, and a link to the separate NCSAS web site.