Advice for Attending NACAA AM/PIC

  • Register early
  • Register for luncheon meetings to get free meals.
  • Take plenty of business cards to give to people
  • If you want to remember to contact someone after the meeting, ask for their business card and write a note about what you want to contact them about on the back of their card.
  • A more in depth schedule/agenda will be included in your registration packet.  Look through the stuff for things you are interested in.
  • Dress pants/khakis and dress shirts/ polos are good to wear to sessions and lunches.  If you are winning an award step it up a little by wearing black pants and a nicer top or guys a nice shirt and nicer khakis.  There will be people in business suits and some in jeans at the meetings.
  • For the tour, jeans or shorts depending on where you are going.  Banquet is dressy.