I - Membership 
II - Vacancies
III - Committees 
IV - Annual Reports 
V - Program of Work 
VI - Financial Matters 
VII - Amendments


SECTION 1. Membership in the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents shall be made up of Field and University Faculty, Agents, and Program Assistants or Ag Technicians of North Carolina State University and North Carolina A & T State University having Extension appointments and responsibilities related to agriculture/natural resources.


SECTION 1. The president shall preside at all meetings and perform such other duties as provided in the Bylaws and by the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. The President-Elect shall serve in the absence or inability of the President.

SECTION 3. In the absence, disability or removal for cause of the Vice-President, Secretary or the Treasurer, that office, in either case, will be filled until the first Annual Meeting and thereafter by appointment by the remaining members of the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. If vacancies should occur in both positions of Director and Vice-Director in any District, the State President shall appoint a new District Director for such District. The appointed District Director shall serve until the first succeeding meeting of the agents of the District involved. At which time they will elect their own new officers. The Vice-Director will assume duties of the Director in his absence.


SECTION 1. All regular District Committees, except the Life Members Committee, shall be elected by the membership of the District or appointed by the District Director. Each member will be assigned to at least one committee. The Life Members Committee shall be composed of an active Life Member from each District.

SECTION 2. Special committees may be appointed by the Executive Board but all such committees of statewide nature shall have equal representation from each District.

SECTION 3. District Committees may be selected by each District, but shall be subservient to the State Committee of the same nature.

SECTION 4. No committee, State or District, shall be entitled to draw funds from the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents treasury for work to be done in the future nor shall they receive a reimbursement for expenses incurred in prospecting any committee work unless: (a) the work was first approved by the Executive Board and (b) a satisfactory written report and an expense account be filed with the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents Treasurer.


SECTION 1. At each Annual Meeting the Secretary shall give an Activity Report and the Treasurer a Financial Report of the Association for the year ending December 31. In addition, the Treasurer shall also give a report for the period from January 1 up to the NCACAA Annual Meeting. These reports shall be made available, read and approved at the Annual Meeting. The approved reports shall be entered into the Annual Report and the Annual Report shall be made available to all members before December following the Annual Meeting.


SECTION 1. The annual program of work of the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents shall consist of the resolutions and measures adopted at the Annual or Special Meeting as a result of deliberation and recommendations of and to the member body and immediately thereafter reduced to working form and published as a part of the Annual Report.

SECTION 2. Matters of an imperative or emergency nature concerned with the welfare of the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents arising after the Annual Meeting may, at the discretion of the Executive Board, supplement the published program of work.


SECTION 1. The Treasurer shall deposit the funds of the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents in a bank or banks named by a formal resolution of the Executive Board as depositories for the funds of the Association.

SECTION 2. The Charlotte '88 Trust Fund shall be managed by the three (3) immediate past Presidents and up to one additional past President appointed by the NCACAA Board of Directors. Other duties and responsibilities are specified in Association Policy.

SECTION 3. The Treasurer shall furnish a bond for the safe handling of the funds of the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents in the kind and amount directed by the Executive Board. The cost of such bond to be borne by the Association. An Auditing Committee composed of three or more agents shall audit all Treasurer's financial records annually.

SECTION 4. The Executive Board may refuse to pay any expenses incurred by any person or committee for any enterprise or services authorized and thereafter rendered by the party or parties until all required reports and certified accounts are properly presented to and filed with the Treasurer and have been approved by the Executive Board.

SECTION 5. The State board may advance funds of the Association for contractual services to be rendered and then only by unanimous action of the board.


SECTION 1. These Bylaws may be amended, revised or repealed in any Annual or Special Meeting of the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents by an affirmative vote of the majority of the members present, provided an exact copy of the proposed change or changes has been mailed or electronically mailed by the Secretary of the Association not less than thirty (30) days prior to the opening date of said Annual or Special Meeting, to each member of the Association.

SECTION 2. All amendments or revisions so made shall go into effect immediately, unless other timeline is set in the motion. All members shall be notified promptly by the North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents' Secretary of the action taken at the Annual or Special Meeting.

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