We collaborate with life scientists, biomedical scientists and physical chemists to drive these research projects.
Synthetic chemistry
Developing versatile synthetic routes to tetrapyrrole macrocycles (the pigments of life – heme, chlorophylls, bacteriochlorophylls, cobalamin) provides an invaluable entrée to novel molecular architectures.  We are most interested in using synthetic chemistry to advance understanding in energy sciences and plant (photosynthetic) sciences.
Molecular diversity
Understanding the origin and evolution of molecular diversity is a central challenge in the life sciences.  By examining cyanobacteria from around the world (including analytical methods development, genome sequencing/analysis, and cloning of biosynthetic gene clusters), we aim to understand the production of novel tetrapyrroles.
Biomedical science
We are developing new radiotherapeutic approaches for treatment of metastatic cancer, which relies on our work in molecular design and chemical synthesis.   New fluorophores are also under development for use in clinical diagnostics.  The latter effort is complemented by our creation and development of PhotochemCAD.