PO/IMM 757

Comparative Immunology is an advanced graduate level course designed to introduce students to the key similarities and differences in the immune systems among animal species.  Students will learn how these differences affect animal health as well as how each of these species has contributed to our understanding of immunology and disease resistance.  This 3 credit course is offered during the spring semester of odd years.

Learning Objectives:

Compare and contrast the immune systems of vertebrate species
Compare and contrast methodologies used to evaluate the immune system of various animal species
Critically review current immunology research
Present and analytically discuss scientific data using proper immunology terminology

 Immunological Topic Areas:  
Innate immunity
• Antigen specific receptors
• Antibody subclasses
• Self vs non-self
Immune regulation 
Immune function/dysfunction

Course Format:

Team taught using primary literature and combination of lectures with  student lead discussions.  Grades will be based on class participation and three take home exams.

 To Register:

Students can register for Comparative Immunology under the course number PO 757 or IMM 757.

For more information contact:

Dr. Matt Koci

Department of Poultry Science

363 Scott Hall

Office#: 515-5388

Email: mdkoci@ncsu.edu