The Coastal Inquirers is a student science enrichment program for middle grades students who live in coastal North Carolina.

About the program: 

The NC StateUniversity Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST) is located in Morehead City North Carolina.  The facility houses three colleges from NCSU, College of Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veternrian Sciences. Inquirers is a middle school place-based learning initiative that utilizes the local STEM resources as an impetus for students becoming excited about coastal STEM studies and careers. By utilizing a dynamic, student centered, standards driven, multi-disciplined, project based approach which enriches instruction that is being presented in the classroom by providing opportunities “to  apply the STEM concepts and processes in authentic hands-on activities and inquiry-based exploration.  The Coastal Inquirers  will interact with scientists, graduate students and outreach directors from th will be engaged in rigorous STEM research activities, competitions and real life projects that will require them to be active change agents who apply Common Core Math and the North Carolina Essential Science standards to solve problems in their communities.

The program will consist of both a summer and afterschool component. During the summer, students will spend five days learning problem solving and process skills necessary for developing, designing and implementing and completing an authentic STEM projects. During the school year, clubs will meet at one of our sites at Swansboro Middle School, Dixon Middle School or at CMAST after school and during weekend programs. The clubs will engage in a variety of rigorous student centered, hands on, project based STEM activities which will be developed by The Science House at CMAST based on the recommendations of the local school staff, curriculum, community resources available and most importantly, the interests of the students.


The Coastal Inquirers program has four main goals

 1. Increase student self-efficacy in science and mathematics through collaborative efforts with schools to align Coastal Inquirers projects with state and national STEM curriculum, 

2. Nurture student enthusiasm for STEM instruction by providing rigorous, place based student activities that will extend traditional classroom learning objectives to real-world applications, 

3. Cultivate and support interest in STEM careers by introducing students to many coastal research facilities NC Aquariums, State Parks and Museums, 

4. Support student Coastal Inquirers in identifying local coastal environmental issues, forming a strategy for action, developing and implementing projects using experts and resources available in their communities.

Who is eligible:  Students who will be in the 6th, 7th or 8th grades in the fall of 2016 are eligible to participate in the program.

Coastal Inquirers is funded by the Borroughs-Wellcome Fund, Student Science Enrichment Grant  Due to their generous contribution, there is no cost for the camp. All snacks, lunch, transportation and materials are provided.

For more information contact: Dr. Pat Curley, Director, The Science House at CMAST

252-222-6376  or pwcurley@ncsu.edu

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