BioBricks are a new exciting synthetic biology tool that allow scientists to combine biological parts to design biological circuits and devices! BioBricks are like legos and can easily be put together to form larger structures that have unique functions. Golden Gate Cloning is an assembly method for putting together multiple DNA pieces without incorporating seams. It is an exciting new technique that is making cloning work more efficient and can be used to join BioBrick parts. To learn more about BioBricks and Golden Gate Cloning, please check out the links on our web site.

As an introduction to BioBricks and Golden Gate Cloning, please check out this video our group made!

This website was created by students in the BIT 410/510 class at North Carolina State University to be used as a tool to guide others in the use of BioBricks and Golden Gate Cloning. We hope this website will be helpful in finding relavent BioBricks, assembling BioBricks, and accessing the protocols for Golden Gate Cloning. Moreover, we hope you learn about how BioBricks and Golden Gate Cloning are being used in current research and how they may be applied in the future.

This website was created by:
1) Kaitlyn Bacon
2) Karly Davis
3) Jordan Hartman
4) Nicholas McNamara

1) Golden Gate Bridge. <http://www.clipartlord.com/category/structures-clip-art/bridge-clip-art/>.
2) Be Inspired Biology. BioBricks. <https://beinspiredbio.wordpress.com/>.