Applied Mathematics Graduate Student Seminar (Spring 2018)

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 DateSpeaker Title
1/29Eva BrayfindleyApplying image analysis techniques to Cerenkov and gamma emission tomography data for automated defect detection
 2/5 Paul MilesViscoelasticity in Dielectric Elastomers 
2/19 Bekah White and Amanda Mayhall Bekah: Inferring Micro-Architecture from the Ultrasonic Attenuation in Cortical Bone
Amanda: The Effect of Statistical Model Formulation on the Fit and Selection of Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth for Small Sample Sizes 
 3/12Hayley Guy 

Modeling pressure distribution in a tumor with uncertain material properties using active subspaces 

 3/19Tricity Andrew 
Developing surrogate models for stochastic simulation of a 2 dimensional interacting particle system 
3/26 Elizabeth Herman
A randomized method for A-optimal design of experiments for PDE-based inverse problems with reweighted $\ell_1$ sparsification 
4/2 Ryan Vogt The Immersed Interface Method Applied To 1D Maxwell Equations  
 4/9Kayla Coleman  
 4/16 Aaron Bardall 
4/23 Nik Bravo  


 H.T. Banks
Stephen Campbell
 Alun Lloyd
 Negash Medhin
 Mette Olufsen
 Michael Shearer
 Hien Tran


Andrea Arnold
 Franz Hamilton


Kayla Bishop 
 Eva Brayfindley
Lucas Castle 
Kayla Coleman 
Elisabeth Congdon
 Jared Cook
 Steven Derochers
Rebecca Everett 
Missy Gaddy 
Ethan King  
 Matt Kirby
 John Legergren
Amanda Laubmeier
 Lider Leon
Amanda Mayhall
 Micaela Mendlow
Christine Mennicke 
Michael Merritt 
 Nicholas Myers
 Neha Murad 
Yvonne Niyonizma
Daniel Reich 
Zev Woodstock 
 Andrew Wright 
Jiabin Yu 

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