Extreme Makeover! – Library Edition

Learning Commons…

Physical, digital, human, and social resources are aligned with learning outcomes defined through a collaborative process to create a Learning Commons library, which facilitates interaction and serendipitous learning (D.R. Beagle, Information Commons Handbook, 2006, p.xviii).

“The Learning Commons fosters a collaborative approach to learning by integrating informational materials, technological resources, and support services into a comfortable and accessible space in order to provide students, faculty, and staff with an environment for instruction, interaction, and inspiration” (Randall Library, UNC-W).

This website chronicles the transformation of the NCSSM library into a Learning Commons, 2012-2014,
and is a session presentation at the 
North Carolina School Library Media Association’s (NCSLMA) annual conference, October 10-11, 2014 
10th Annual Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit, East Carolina University, February 21, 2015.

Robin Boltz, PhD
Director of Library, Instructional Technologies, and Communications
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Keith Beisner, MSLS
Previously: University Librarian
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Currently: Teacher-Librarian
A.L. Stanback Middle School