Charity work

One of the central tasks of the Nordic Club Seoul is charity work. Traditionally we participate in fundraising events such as the 
SIWA bazaar every year to support different charitable organizations in Korea. We are also raising money by ourselves to support 
causes that are close to our heart, such as unwed mothers and their children in Korea. Check out our events and see how you can participate!

Coming from the Nordic countries where it is simply normal to have different kinds of families in the society, where the welfare system 
treats all children equally regardless of the number of parents in the family, where young women are not thrown out of school if they 
get pregnant, where the children of unwed mothers are not discriminated - they are just children - We hope that we together can make a chance for the better 

At the moment we are working with Ae Ran Won. Please have a look at how you can help and do not hesitate to contact us if you have some donations or some ideas to share

Ae Ran Won 

Ae Ran Won is a not-for-profit organization located in Seoul, 
South Korea, that supports Korean women who are unmarried 
and pregnant and in need of help. Ae Ran Won has grown from 
a single maternity home and now also helps, in separate facilities, 
women who are raising their children alone, women who may have 
placed their babies for adoption but need further support, and 
women who live nearby but need a safe and nurturing place to help 
adjust to their new lives.

How can I help?
Take a look at their website. There are many ways to help. We'll 
just give you a couple of ideas here:

Ae Ran Won is happy to receive 2nd hand clothing especially 
for babies and children under 7 or 8 years, children's books, toys, 
paper diapers, milk formula, small home appliances etc.

If you feel like becoming a monthly donor, you might like to hear
that they are collecting money for all the mothers to be able to support 
themselves and their babies, hoping to lead an independent life later. 
As they say in some of the Nordic countries, many small streams will  
form a big river!

Or our secretary Emil at