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In 2002, several individuals who were mostly located in Ft. Collins and involved in energy conservation, renewable energy and/or environmental issues, started to meet informally. They decided to form an organization to serve northern Colorado and to affiliate with the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) which had been a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society for several years. 

The northern Colorado group would be a subchapter of CRES. "The purpose of the subchapter is to get people involved with renewable energy who can't always get to Denver for CRES meetings and events and also to provide the community with a source for renewable energy knowledge."

An organizing committee was formed to develop a structure for the subchapter, plan events and meetings and present a proposal to CRES to authorize affiliation. The organizing committee included: Alison Mason, chair; Peggy Plate, Jim Manuel, Dan Bihn, John Long, Jim Welch and Byron Win. The committee and its subcommittees held a large number of organization meetings, public meetings and events. 

On 25 September 2002, CRES gave preliminary approval to a resolution authorizing the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society as a subchapter of CRES. Strong support was provided by CSU (hosted many meetings), WAPA, various City of Fort Collins agencies and Platte River Power Authority. 

On 11 February 2003, the first Board of Directors of NCRES was chosen. The members were: Maury Albertson, Bob Binckes, Dan Bihn, John Long, Jim Manuel, Alison Mason, Doug Moench, Mike O'Brien, Scott Pandy, Peggy Plate and Owen Richard.  NCRES has continued regular meetings and events to date.