History Expert 

Snobbery and Class - Badgerlink

Fashion and Trend Expert

What fashions were in style for men, women, children, homes, community spaces?

Bathing Costumes - Kids Search, Badgerlink
History of Men's Suits - Student Research Center, Badgerlink

Etiquette Expert

How were adults and children expected to behave?

The People's Palaces - Sign in to Badgerlink.net and Student Research Center first
General Etiquette (See last paragraph) - Middle School Encyclopedia, Badgerlink

Entertainment Expert

What did children and adults do for fun?

History of Croquet - Middle School Encyclopedia, Badgerlink
High Level Performance - Student Research Center, Badgerlink
Bowdlerizing the Bard - Login to Badgerlink Mas Ultra

Background Info - Articles

Charles Dickens - Login to Badgerlink, Middle Search
From Georgian to Victorian - Login to Badgerlink, Middle Search
When Britain Still Believed In God - Login to Badgerlink Middle Search
Victoria and the Doctors from Badgerlink - Focuses on the medical conditions during the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
Spare the Rod from Badgerlink - Corporal punishment in Victorian Classrooms
Legacy of a Queen from Badgerlink

Library Books

***Daily Life in Victorian England eBook with unlimited checkout - Great Resource with details for each research area.

Citing Sources & Bibliographies

MLA Formatting and Style Guide Comprehensive resource from Purdue's OWL (Online Writing Lab)