Civil War Websites

Possible Immersion Sites
The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion (archive.org)

Report on the Transportation of Wounded  After the Battle of Gettysburg - July 25th 1863 Next page lists wounded at Gettysburg Union vs Confederate and where they were sent.

Lists of Antiscorbutic Foods Issued to the 

Bullet/bacteria/science link - and surgery simulation - Flow of History.org or Medical Haversack

Remember Ctrl F allows you to search within a website to locate key terms quickly.
Badgerlink - History Reference Center 
- Access Newspaper Archive
- Student Research Center
- Britannica Middle School Edition
Grolier Online (username: gogrolier, password: hop)

Cite all sources of information in a bibliography. Some Badgerlink resources offer citations to copy and paste directly into your bibliography. You will need to use EasyBib for other Badgerlink resources that do not have citations. 
Use Badgerlink or Sweet Search to search for quality resources. Sweet Search will narrow your search to websites evaluated by researchers. Sweet Search and Badgerlink both include summaries of search results to help you determine if the site or article is what you are looking for.

If you are on a  computer that provides internet service to other states, you may be prompted to enter your public library card number to verify that you are a WI citizen.