Next Scholarship Drive; April 3, 2016  12:00 - 4:00 pm

The deadline to apply for the NCHS Scholarship is May 6th, 2016!

New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation is a broad-based community effort to provide financial aid for New Canaan High School graduates pursuing higher education. 


Any New Canaan High School graduate enrolled as a full time student in a 4-year college or university, 2-year college, technical or vocational school. 

Grant Criteria 
Scholarships are 100% need based. The grants are based on applications first placed through the federal student loan programs. All applicants and awards are kept confidential. 

Terms of Scholarship 
The first two years, awards are 100% grant and the last two years are 50% grant and 50% loan. Loan repayments are interest free and will be made beginning one month after graduation and will continue until said sum is fully paid.

In 2015 there were 56 awards given at an average of $1,215.00 per award.

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