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NEAS&C has an impressive bibliography of resources to support learning communities through the self-study process. We uploaded these resources to Destiny, our online catalog. All you need to do is search for NEAS&C in the catalog and click on the Digital Resources tab. 

The NEAS&C website also features a page of documents and resources specifically geared to education communities scheduled for a 2013 re-accreditation visit. 

Examples recent NEAS&C-assessed schools' Core Values Statements:
Cohen, Brian D. "Teaching Creativity: The Answers Aren't in the Back of the Book.Huffington Post. 16 Nov. 2011 Web. 16 Nov. 2011.

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This site is brand new. It was launched in September of 2011. We are just starting to populate it, Please be patient!

Notes from NEAS&C Steering Committee 2-day seminar at CAS (Dec. 5 &6, 2011)

NEAS&C Steering Committee seminar 12/5 and 12/6