Dear High School Parent,

New Canaan High School is committed to preparing students to become successful participants in today’s sophisticated technological world.  To succeed, students must be able to use technology as a learning and communications tool responsibly and effectively.  By practicing digital literacy skills in a purposeful, responsible, and ethical way, our students are preparing to excel in their complex, and exciting, futures.

This Spring, New Canaan High School initiated a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in the ninth-grade.  This BYOD program enriched the learning environment by providing technology in authentic and effective ways to support and deepen the learning experience in meaningful ways.  Throughout the spring, we have received positive feedback from students, teachers, and parents, and are energized by the success of this initial program.  Instead of replacing best practices, we have found that this implementation is enhancing the learning opportunities for our students, individualizing the learning experience, extending the collaborative and creative opportunities in and out of the classroom, and empowering students and teachers to integrate technology in authentic, real-world applications.    

Looking ahead to next year, the BYOD program will be expanded to include grades 9-12 at NCHS.  Starting in September 2016, all high school students will be asked to bring a personal device (laptop, tablet, or iPad) to school each day for classroom use.  While we hope this notice provides your family sufficient time to acquire a device if needed, we are also able to provide devices to students in need for a nominal charge.  Details about the program, including device specifications and other resources, are available at: https://sites.google.com/a/ncps-k12.org/nchs-x-1-initiative/

We are excited to continue on this path towards transforming teaching and learning as we continue to prepare all of our students for to excel in today’s, and tomorrow’s, modern digital world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at william.egan@ncps-k12.org or matthew.salvestrini@ncps-k12.org.


William D. Egan


Matthew Salvestrini

Director of Digital Learning