How long is the SIP?

The Senior Internship Program traditionally takes place the last several weeks of the school year.  However, those dates might change due to changes in the school calendar.

How many hours a day is the internship?

Generally, all interns are expected to work 5 hours a day.  Start and end times will vary based on the internship site's needs.

How do I apply to SIP?

Applications will be available DATE TBD online.   The application is due by 11:59 pm, DATE TBD.

Is SIP just for AP students?

SIP is open to ALL NCHS Seniors who are passing ALL classes and whose attendance is in good standing.

Can I choose my own internship?

The SIP committee will match you with an internship based on the interest you demonstrated on your application.  Information will be available about previous internship sites on the SIP website.

Can I still participate in afterschool activities?

All interns may still participate in afterschool activities as the internship will take place during the school day.

What about my grades?  Will I have to take my exams?

Interns' grades will be "frozen" on the last Friday before the internships begins.  Teachers will know by second semester who is participating in the program, so they may assign work necessary before the internship begins.  No school work will be done once the internship begins...the internship is your school work!

Can I do an internship in NYC?

Internships will usually take place in and around New Canaan and are usually no more than 15 miles away.

MORE QUESTIONS?  Contact Mrs. Carroll in the College and Career Center or at susan.carroll@ncps-k12.org.