Information and Communication Technologies

The integration of New Canaan 21st century learning standards, supported through the appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies, into all K-12 curricular areas is vital to preparing all New Canaan students with the skills, strategies and confidence to be adaptable in the ever changing 21st century society. The implementation and analysis of ICT Benchmark Assessments in grades 4, 7, 9, and 11 will inform the continued development of integration and instruction of ICT standards across all curricula and grades, K-12. The emergence and adoption of mobile devices and collaborative technologies will continue to enhance the opportunities our teachers and students have to learn and apply 21st century skills in preparation for participation in and contribution to the global knowledge society. The New Canaan Public Schools will ensure that administrators, teachers and staff have access to a broad range of professional development opportunities in support of full integration of ICT into the educational process and organization.