Step 3: Transportation In and Out

The Jews were transported out of the ghettos and to the concentration camps (also some were death centers ie: Auschwitz or labor camps) by trains (rail cars). All of the concentration camps were built next to railroads for this reason. The train cars that were used to transport the Jews were small and cramped. The living conditions were inhumane as there was no food, water, or area to get rid of human waste. Up to one hundred Jews were cramped into a small rail car. There was no heat or blankets given to the prisoners and people would freeze to death or be killed by their neighbors if they had any food. It was quite common for up to 50% of the occupants to die during a single train ride.

Look at this picture. It shows how the Jews were inhumanely cramped into these boxcars to be taken to the labor/death camps.

This picture shows how the Jews were inhumanely cramped into boxcars to be taken by train to either labor camps, concentration camps, or death camps.

There is another picture that is very disturbing but shows how awful this process was. Several of the Jews who were transported died, and the Nazi’s have laid their bodies out.

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Discussion Question: What is your opinion of the way the Nazi’s transported the Jews based on these pictures? Why do you think the Nazi's chose this way of transportation? What do you think was the photographer’s opinion?