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Cold War Scrapbook

Cold War Project:

Recreating the Human Experience during the Cold War



As we strive to bring history to life through the personal experiences of those who lived or died during the Cold War, you are going to investigate a historic event through the eyes of someone during that time period as an “eyewitness” to history.

You will be given one significant event or movement that occurred during the Cold War time period and convince the class that it was the MOST important event of era.  In addition to your event, you will be given the role of a person that lived through that event.  While completing the research and final argument, you will stay in the role of this person.

To accomplish this task, your group must show ways this event impacted certain individual or group of people, using the PERSIA+GT model to rationalize your eyewitness account in a diary-type webpage.  This webpage will include diary accounts, audio/video components (can be created via PhotoStory or iMovie), and the reason for selecting this event to be the most important (must be written in the point of view of your role).



Role A

Role B

Role C

Role D

Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Student Revolutionary - Brian

Ernő Gerő - Graham

Imre Nagy - 

Broadcaster for Radio Budapest - Erin


Stalin - Tim

Truman – Kate

Churchill - Cameron

Clement Atlee - Jason

Cuban Missile Crisis

Castro - Andrew

Khrushchev - Patrick

Henry Kissinger - Tina

Kennedy - 


DDE - Evan

Syngman Rhee - Grayson

Kim Il-Sung - Isa

Mao Zedong - Henry


Ho Chi Minh - Stephanie

LBJ - Elizabeth

Nixon - Drew

Nguyen Van Thieu – Alex F.

Berlin Wall/Airlift

Stalin - Katie

Willy Brandt - Maddie

Gen. Lucius Clay - Christian

East Berliner - Anders

NATO/Warsaw Pact

Hastings Ismay - Alex

Charles de Gaulle - Kendall

Ivan Konev - Emily

Wladyslaw Gomulka  - Melanie

Suez Crisis

Gamal Abdul Nasser - Lexi

Selwyn Lloyd - Alyssa

Christian Pineau - Nick

Moshe Dayan - Tom

Yom Kippur War

Anwar Sadat - Kelly

Hafiz al-Assad - Danielle

Golda Meir - Hayley

King Hussein of Jordan - Taylor

Space/Arms Race

Yuri Gagarin - Ashley

Alan Shepard - Julia

Ronald Reagan - Brandon

Mikhail Gorbachev - Ryan

Boycott of Olympics

Carter - Zayyan

Olympian from both Olympics - Andrew

Brezhnev/Chernenko – Alex Y.

 Reagan- CJ


Your Task:

1) Using the perspective of your assigned eyewitness, you must convince the class that this was the most important event or development of the Cold War during a 5-minute presentation. Your group is required to use the PERSIA+GT model as evidence for your position and must be persuasive in nature.

2) To help state your case, your presentation must include 30-second video interview or statement from an “eyewitness” which demonstrates the significance of your Cold War event or movement. Answer at least one of the questions about the event from the list below. You may not use a pre-existing interview. You may use Photo Story or Windows Movie Maker to film your own interview.

3) You must rationalize the point of view of your “eyewitness” by using at least 3 aspects of the PERSIA+GT model to justify your perspective of the event in 3 diary entries.   These entries should be the equivalent of 1-page typed each.  


*This written and visual component will be graded on perspective, creativity, and must include photos or drawings.

Required Questions You Must Answer:

1. What is the name of your “eyewitness?” When and where did the event occur? Approximately how old was the eyewitness when the event occurred?

2. What were the political, economic, or social causes for this event? Effects?

    (Any other aspects of PERSIA+GT?)

3. Why should the eyewitness argue this is the most important event or movement during the Cold War?

4. In what negative and positive ways was your eyewitness impacted by this event?

5. How does this eyewitness’s view of the event differ from others who were involved in the same event or movement?