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Boycott of '80 & '84 Olympics

Russia decides to invade Afghanistan.
Carter considers the invasion a threat to national security.
61 countries joined the boycott of 1980.
1984 boycott (US Olympics) by USSR was revenge for the boycott of 1980.
Both affected large number of athletes from many countries.
Why this is the most important event:
Not many tourists went due to the lack of athletes. Resulting in the reduction of income for the areas around Moscow.
NBC paid $85 million to broadcast the games to American viewers. The cause of the boycott caused NBC to lose all of the money. It was claimed to have made a $25 million dollar profit. 
The boycott of the 1984 games had also backfired. The game made a $225 million profit, and it had been the first game to make a profit since the games in 1932.
Large number of athletes did not participate. The United States forbid their athletes from participating in the games.
In the 1984 games, 6000 athletes participated from 140 countries. China for the first time since 1932 chose to participate in the Olympics.

Political power of the United States had been shown. The power to boycott something and have around 60 countries to back it up. Only 81 countries participated in the 1980 Olympics, whereas the 1984 games included 140 countries. It also set up the boycott of the 1984 Olympics, which had been much less successful. Only 14 countries chose to be on Russians side.
This is important because in terms of war, it shows who has better support on a global level. It is also the most important event because it also scared Russia that they did not have the support they would need to win a war and the U.S had the support needed. The Russians would not attack the U.S without knowing they would surely win.