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Cuban Revolution

Photo courtesy of whewert wiki


  • March - Former president Batista, supported by the army, seizes power.


  • July 26 - Some 160 revolutionaries under the command of Fidel Castro launch an attack in Santiago de Cuba
  • October 16 - Fidel Castro makes "History Will Absolve Me" speech 


  • November - Batista dissolves parliament and is elected constitutional president without opposition


  • May -  Fidel and surviving members of his movement are released from prison under an amnesty from Batista
  • June - Brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro are introduced to Che Guevara in Mexico City


  • November 25 - Fidel Castro, with some 80 insurgents including Raúl Castro and Che Guevara set sail from Mexico for Cuba on the Granma


  • January 17 - Castro's guerrillas score their first military success on the south coast, and started gaining followers in both Cuba and abroad
  • May 28 - Castro's 26 July movement overwhelm an army post in El Uvero
  • July 30 - Cuban revolutionary Frank País is killed in the streets of Santiago de Cuba


  • March 13 - U.S. suspends shipments of arms to Batista's forces
  • March 17 - Castro calls for a general revolt
  • April 9 - A general strike, organized by the 26th of July movement, is partially observed
  • May - Batista sends an army of 10,000 into the Sierra Maestra to destroy Castro's 300 armed guerrillas
  • August - Rebels had defeated the army's advance and captured a huge amount of arms
  • December 28 - Guevara's guerrilla troops seize Santa Clara


  • February 1 - Batista was driven from the country and the cities Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba were seized by rebels, ending the Cuban Revolution