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The United States Attempts to Intimidate the World

Madison Mulhern, News Editor

Updated 8:34 a.m., December 16, 1907

                  Today is the day that the United States will show its power to the world. The ships are ready to sail and will take off this afternoon. They will travel all around the world in one single file line of white ships. With their American flags billowing in the breeze they will certainly make a statement that will keep many countries talking to themselves for a long time.

                  An all time American goal ever since we were freed from Britain in 1776 has been to be a super power nation in this world, and McKinley realized that one of the only ways that we will truly be able to achieve this goal is to have a strong navy. The United States then started to build their Navy so they would be ready for any battles, and when the Spanish- American War came along the US was ready to fight and crush the Spaniards. Ever since the American Navy has just been getting stronger and stronger adding more ships and training more people. With the possibility of disputes happening at any minute we must always be ready to protect our country and help it achieve greatness. Everyday people are working to advance the technology of our military and naval forces, years ago we started out just by fighting with small hand guns and soon enough that technology evolved into large and powerful rifles. The same goes for our naval powers, before the US was very serious about having one of the world’s strongest navy’s we were equip 90 small ships, one third of which were wooden, but now through the advancement of the steel industry we have 18 huge steel ships ready for any battle if they were to face one. Wanting to show this advanced technology off to the world all 18 ships were to be sent out this afternoon, and we called it the Great White Fleet.

                  Through this fleet of ships parading around the ocean, Roosevelt also wants countries to see the power that the US holds. His hopes are that many countries will be frightened by these huge ships and all of the military power that the US possesses and want to form treaties with America. Some examples of these treaties may be exclusive trading rights, a piece of land, or money from the other country in return for America’s protection of their land. In addition, Roosevelt wants his armada to seem so intimidating to these other countries that they make sure never to have any negative interactions with the US because if they do, they know what will happen to them.

                  The Great White Fleet is the intimidation factor that America needs to propel itself into becoming a nation that can gobble up pieces of land left and right. As long as our technology continue to surpass that of other countries, many will be fearing what is yet to come from the United States, therefore obeying whatever it is that we want.
USN photo # N-0000X-001 courtesy of Photographed by C.E. Waterman, Hampton, Va.
This is the Great White Fleet leaving Hampton Roads, Virgina as it begins it tour around the world to flaunt our naval and technological power.