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General FAQs

Why is digital learning important?
Our students are growing up and graduating into a world where digital tools are needed for success in all walks of life.  Our students need to learn with modern tools for these modern times.  Digital learning in MCS will allow them opportunities to utilize these tools to creatively collaborate, create, and publish their work.

How will this initiative better prepare MCS students for their futures?

Our students are graduating into a world where they will be required to do modern work on modern tools. Our Moore @School initiative will better prepare students for this new reality and will help level the playing field of opportunity for all our graduates. Additionally, 91% of employers now report that they check out a candidate online as a part of their hiring process. College Admissions officers are increasingly doing this as well. It is our duty as educators, community members, and parents to ensure our students are prepared to meet this new reality by creating a powerful, positive digital footprint.

When will students in MCS receive their devices?
Students will receive devices in four phases so that the county is fully transformed by the end of the 2015-2016 school year (Download this chart for full details).  MCS will stagger the rollouts in each new phase so that selected classrooms/students will receive devices in 1st semester and the rest in the 2nd semester.  Once a school has been deployed, they will start each following year with their devices.

What type of device will students be receiving?
Students in grades 6-12 will receive a 14" Chromebook (visit this page for full specifications). The elementary pilot, conducted in the 2014-2015 school year, determined that the device moving forward for grades K and 1 would be the Apple iPad and in grades 2-5, a Google Chromebook.  For full details on the pilot and the devices chosen, please click here.

What is a Google Chromebook?
A Chromebook looks physically like a traditional laptop, with a webcam, keyboard, trackpad, USB ports, SD card inputs, and the like.  However, instead of running a traditional operating system such as WIndows or MacOS, it runs Chrome Operating System.  The ChromeOS is a very user-friendly environment that links directly to Google Apps and allows maximum efficiency for web-based tools.

Are Google Chromebooks useless without a wifi connection?
No.  Chromebooks run the Google Apps suite, of which the core apps can be utilized offline.  These include word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets.  There are also many apps that work offline and more are being added to the Chrome Web Store every week.

Why was the decision made to purchase Google Chromebooks for grades 6-12?
12 MCS teachers and over 850 students piloted Apple Macbook Airs, Windows Laptops, and Google Chromebooks.  It was determined that Chromebooks support high quality teaching and learning at a fraction of the cost.  

Are other school systems choosing Chromebooks?
Yes.  Many school systems across America and around the world are making the switch to Google Chromebooks, for the very same reasons that our own pilot research illustrated.  Some recent case studies and news articles:

What is Google Apps for Education?
A free, secure, web-based suite of tools for students and teachers to create and share documents in the cloud.  This allows for many advantages in the classroom- easy collaboration for students and teachers, documents that are automatically saved, the ability to view and edit documents from anywhere, at anytime, and much more. Click here to read more about the benefits of Google Apps for Edu. Google Apps for Education (GAE) is hosted by Google and managed by MCS, which provides our staff and students with a secure “closed campus” online environment.