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Greetings Moore County Students!

Bored?  Tired of sledding?  Mouth singed from too much hot chocolate?  Why not use your Chromebook to create some fun stuff to share with friends and family?

On our snow days, check out the ideas below and feel free to join along-  The best submissions will be featured on our MCSDigital twitter feed

Stay warm, stay safe, have fun, and we'll see you when you return to class!

Remember:  All activity is monitored, so when you participate- keep it clean!

Idea #1: Google Slides Collaborative Story

Ever created an ongoing story with friends where each took a turn telling the next part?  Do this digitally by adding onto one giant MCS story.

 Idea #2: Enhance your Snow Photos

  1. Take pictures of fun you're having in the snow and upload them to your Google Drive account.
  2. Use a picture editor such as Picmonkey or Pixlr to enhance your images (add captions, change effects, add objects, stickers, or borders....be creative!).
  3. Save the new image to your Chromebook / Google Drive account.
  4. Post your image to this Padlet wall for others to see.
    1. Click the "upload a file" button to upload your picture file.
    2. Where it says "Title" put your first name.
 Idea #3: Let an avatar tell about your snow adventures

  1. Visit Voki.com, an online avatar creator
  2. Create an avatar and program it to tell about something fun you did during your snow day.
  3. Copy the sharing link from Voki (you get this link when you click "Publish your Voki").
  4. Post this link to this Padlet wall for others to see.  
    1. Before pasting, click the link icon.  
    2. Where it says "Title" put your first name.

Idea #4: Get Coding!

Visit the following site for tons of coding adventures:

Want more advanced coding opportunities?
Try this site:

Want to learn Python or Javascript by playing a video game?