Welcome to the MCS Digital Smackdown!  We hope this will be a fun way to be exposed to a wealth of digital tools that have been proven successful by your colleagues, as well as a chance to reflect on how these tools can meaningfully support student learning of the content standards.

 Secondary ScheduleElementary Schedule 
9:00-9:15:      Overview / Directions
9:15-10:15:    Smackdown- digital sharing
10:15-10:30:  BREAK
10:30-11:30:  PLC / Dept content ideas
1:00-1:15:     Overview / Directions
1:15-2:15:     Smackdown- digital sharing
2:15-2:30:     BREAK
2:30-3:30:     PLC / Dept content ideas

Below are the links to each school's Smackdown Google Doc for the day.  Feel free to refer back to this site to refresh your memories or explore the tools and ideas that your colleagues across Moore County have shared.

Evaluation Form - ("Session Attended" = MCS Digital Smackdown, "Session Presenter(s)" = The name of your facilitator)

High Schools

Middle Schools and K-8

Additional Support Docs

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