Conditions/Rules and Important Links:
Internet filtering is required in US school districts to comply with CIPA regulations and maintain Federal E-Rate funding.  
On mobile devices in particular, apps may not work through the filter even though they are allowed for staff.  In this case, you must use the web-browser on your device to access these services.

By connecting to the MCS Network with a non-school-owned device, staff and students accept the following rules and conditions:

  • Only connections to the wireless network are allowed - no devices may be connected to physical LAN connections.
  • All MCS Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) apply even when using personal devices.  See here for more info.
  • MCS reserves the right to permanently ban any device used in violation of AUP or that causes performance or security concerns.
  • All network traffic is tracked and logged - there is no assumption of privacy when using the MCS BYOD Network.
  • Instructions for logging into the ZScaler web filter are available here.
  • Instructions for connecting a IOS Device to BYOD wireless, click here
  • Instructions for Connecting a Windows Device to BYOD wireless, click here
  • Instructions for Connecting a Android Device to BYOD wireless, click here
Please note - in order to access secure sites (https:// or SSL), you will need to load the two linked certificates on your device. 

  • Some mobile devices will require a PIN to unlock when loading these certificates - if you do not wish to have an unlock PIN, we recommend you do not connect to the MCS Wireless network.  You will be warned during the install if this is the case.
  • These Certificates only are in effect when on the MCS Wireless network - they do not affect data access or track your usage on any other network.

Both the MCS Security Firewall (PaloAlto) and the ZScaler Web Filter are set to examine secure traffic on general internet sites in order to protect the MCS network from threats.  Only Health and Finance sites passing through the ZScaler Web Filter are exempted from this decryption policy, as this decryption takes place on a cloud-based filter.  All traffic on the internal and public networks remains encrypted, but your device will need to be set to trust these systems as the encryption source.

This can usually be done by just clicking the links below and 'Accepting' or 'Installing' as prompted (see the linked directions for different devices):