Curriculum Vitae

Miriam L. Wallace

New College of Florida, Division of Humanities
5800 Bay Shore Rd
, Sarasota, FL 34243                       
(941) 487-4335 Office         (941) 487-4479 FAX 
mwallace (at)

1993        Ph.D., Literature (British, minors: French, American), University of California, Santa Cruz

Dissertation: “Challenging Gendered Subjects: Modern Feminism and the Alternative Subjectivity of Tristram Shandy and The Waves,” directed by Helene Moglen.

1984        B.A. with Distinction, Literature (English and French), Swarthmore College
1982        Semester of Study Abroad: Université de Grenoble, Grenoble, France

2010-present    Professor of English, New College of Florida
2002-2010        Associate Professor, English (formerly British and American), New College of Florida
1996-2002        Assistant Professor, British and American Literature, New College of Florida        
                            (until 2001 New College of the University of South Florida)
1995-96            Visiting Assistant Professor, British and American Literature, New College of the University of South Florida

Administrative Positions at New College

Chair of Humanities Division, New College of Florida, 2016–2019.
Director, Program in Gender Studies, New College of Florida, 2012–2015 .
Advisory Board, University Press of Florida, Representative for New College of Florida at Provost’s Request, 2010–2011; occasional substitute in subsequent years.
Director, QEP (Quality Enhancement Project) on student Writing/WID/WAC, Part-time Administrative position, New College of Florida, 2009–2011.

Areas of Specialization
Novel, Long eighteenth-century & Romantic-era British literature and culture, Critical and Feminist theories, Cultural and Gender Studies,  Law and literature/Law and Humanities, Embodiment and disability-informed approaches, Critical Pedagogies.

Honors and Grants
Lewis Walpole Library Fellow, Farmington, CT, July 2012.
NEH Summer Institute: “The Rule of Law: Legal Studies and the Liberal Arts,” University of New England, Biddeford, ME. Directors: Matthew Anderson and Cathrine O. Frank, Department of English and Language Studies. June 15–July 17, 2009.
NEH Summer Seminar: “Rethinking British Romantic Fiction,” University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Director: Stephen C. Behrendt, George Holmes Distinguished University Professor. June 16-July 25, 2003.
NEH College Teacher Grant for projected book “Revolutionary Subjects in the English ‘Jacobin’ Novel, 1790-1810.” Academic Year 2001–02.
ASECS Shirley Bill Teaching Award. Co-winner with Jocelyn Van Tuyl for “The French Revolution and the Cultural Imagination: Eighteenth Century England and France.” 1996-97.

Program Grants

2015 Donahue Foundation Grant for Humanistic Psychology with Professors Steve Graham and April Flakne. Funding for curricular enhancement 2015–2016 and 2016–2017,  eligible for renewal for three years @ $10,000 USD each.
2006–07 Society for Women in Sociology (SWS) Feminist Lecture Award. Funds an annual guest lecture by the SWS Feminist Lecturer at two institutions competitively selected.
February 2005 Fulbright Visiting Specialist in the Muslim World winner. Grant funded visit by Dr. Fatou Diop of Université de Saint Louis, Sénégal for four weeks.

New College of Florida Visiting Fellow, New College, Oxford University, July 2006 and July 1997.
New College Faculty Development Grants: Summer support for research, writing, or travel to special collections: 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1996.
Research and Creative Scholarship Grant: “Reassessing Thomas Holcroft: Revolutionary Ideas and the British Literary Canon,” University of South Florida (USF) Research Council: Summer 1999. $2000.
Faculty International Travel Grant, Division of Sponsored Research of USF, Travel to Groningen, Netherlands for “Exploring the Romantic Novel Conference” November 1999.

In Progress: Speaking Subjects and Criminal Conversations.

Revolutionary Subjects in the English ‘Jacobin’ Novel, 1790-1805
. By Miriam L. Wallace. Bucknell Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2009.

Edited Volumes
Re-Viewing Thomas Holcroft, 1745–1809
. Eds. A. A. Markley and Miriam L. Wallace. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing, 2012.

Enlightening Romanticism, Romancing Enlightenment: British Fiction 1750-1830
. Ed. Miriam L. Wallace. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate. 2009.

Journal Issues
PMLA 130.5 (October 2015). Special Topic: Emotion. Co-Coordinator with Katherine Jensen, Florence Kidd and Isaac M. Gregorie Sr. Professor of French Studies, Louisiana State University. Co-wrote Introduction, invited contributors to special sections, reviewed and responded to editorial board recommendations for core essay contributions.

Romantic Pedagogy Circles Special Issue: “Novel Prospects: Teaching Romantic-Era Fiction.” Co-Edited with Patricia Matthew. (Aug. 2008). Web.

Memoirs of Emma Courtney and Adeline Mowbray or, The Mother and the Daughter, by Mary Hays and Amelia Opie. Ed. Miriam L. Wallace. Glen Allen, VA: College Publishing, 2004.

Articles & Book Chapters

“Legal Sensibilities and the Language of Gesture,” in Sensing the Law, collection organized by the Canadian Initiative in Law, Culture, and Humanities, eds. Sheryl Hamilton, Neil Sargent, Diana Majury, Christiane Wilke. NY, New York: Routledge, 2016.

"Improper Conjunctions: Scandalous Images and Dangerous Bodies in 'Crim. Con. Temptations with the Prices Affix'd.'" in The Variable Body in History, Ed. Chris Mounsey and Stan Booth. Peter Lang, 2016. 

“Women Write Back: Alternative Legal Rhetorics in Inchbald, Wollstonecraft and Opie.” Women’s Writing Special issue: “Novel Approaches: The Language of Women's Fiction 1730–1850.” Ed. Victorina Gonzalez-Diaz and Christina Davidson. 23.1 (February 2016): 68–86.

“Thomas Holcroft and the Gordon Riots: Romantic Revisionings.” In The Gordon Riots: Politics, Culture, and Insurrection in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain. Eds. Ian Haywood and John Seed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 163–180.

Discovering the Political Traveler: Wollstonecraft’s Letters (1796) and Holcroft’s Travels (1804).” Journeys 12.1 (June 2011): 1–21.

“Writing Law and Speaking Justice in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain.” ELN Special Issue: Juris-Dictions Ed. Nan Goodman. 48.2 (2010): 27–35. Print.

“Writing Lives and Gendering History in Mary Hays’s Female Biography (1803).” In Romantic Autobiography in England. Ed. Eugene L. Stelzig. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009, 63-78.

“Crossing from ‘Jacobin’ to ‘Anti-Jacobin’: Rethinking the terms of English Jacobinism.” In Romantic Border Crossings. Eds. Jeffrey Cass and Larry Peer. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008, 97-112.

Constructing Treason, Narrating Truth: The 1794 Treason Trial of Thomas Holcroft and the Fate of English Jacobinism.” Romanticism on the Net 45 (Feb. 2007): 25 Par.

“‘Doing’ history; or what I learned from the 1794 London treason trials.” SVEC Special Issue: The Interdisciplinary Century: Tensions and Convergences in eighteenth-century Art, History, and Literature Eds. Julia Douthwaite and Mary Vidal. 4 (2005): 201–216.

“Thinking Back Through Our Others: Rereading Sterne and Resisting Joyce in The Waves.” Woolf Studies Annual Special Issue: Woolf and Literary History Eds. Jane Lilienfeld and Jeffrey Oxford. 9 (2003): 193-220.

“Wit and Revolution: Cultural Resistance in Elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story,” European Romantic Review 12.1 (Winter 2001): 92-121.

“Mary Hays’s ‘Female Philosopher’: Constructing Revolutionary Subjects in Memoirs of Emma Courtney.” In
Rebellious Hearts: British Women and the French Revolution. Eds. Adriana Craciun and Kari Lokke. New York: SUNY Press, 2001. 233-260.

“Theorizing Relational Subjects: Metonymic Narrative in The Waves.” Narrative 8.3 (Oct. 2000): 294-323.

“Gender Bending and Corporeal Limitations: The Modern Body in Tristram Shandy.” Ed. Syndy Conger. Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture 26 (1997): 189-207.

“Imagining the Body: Gender Trouble and Bodily Limits in The Waves.”
In Virginia Woolf: Emerging Perspectives: Selected Papers from the Third Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Ed. Mark Hussey and Vara Neverow.  New York: Pace UP, 1994. 132-139.

“Nationalism and the Scottish Subject: The Uneasy Marriage of London and Edinburgh in Sir Walter Scott’s The Heart of Midlothian.” History of European Ideas 16.1-3 (1993): 41-47.

Pedagogical Articles

Forthcoming: “Thomas Holcroft and Literary Ventriloquism,” for Laboring-Class British Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, MLA Options for Teaching Series. Eds. Kevin Binfield and William Christmas. New York: MLA.

Teaching Across Disciplines: Psychology Meets Feminist Theory,” co-authored with Chemba Raghavan. ThirdSpace (August 2008): n. p. Web.

“Beyond Love and Battle: Practicing Feminist Pedagogy.” Feminist Teacher 12:3 (1999): 184-197. Print.

The French Revolution in the Cultural Imagination: Eighteenth-century France and Britain.” Co-authored with Jocelyn Van Tuyl. Teaching the Eighteenth-Century: Three Courses ASECS, 1997. 

“An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching in the Context of War: A Guide for Teaching Assistants at the University of California, Santa Cruz,” co-authored with Betsy Garties, Amanda Konradi and Josie Mendez-Negrete. Sub/versions: Feminist Studies Working Paper #10. Feminist Focused Research Activity (FRA) of UC Santa Cruz. Winter 1991.

The UCSC TA Handbook: A Practical Guide for Teaching Assistants at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Co-authored with Elena Tajima Creef, Gina Frost, and Amanda Konradi. Graduate Division of UC, Santa Cruz. First ed. 1989, Revised Second ed. 1991.


Rev. of Gamle Norge and Nineteenth-Century British Women Travellers in Norway. By Kathryn Walchester. Anthem Studies in Travel. London and New York: Anthem, 2014. Journeys 16.2 (Winter 2015): pp.

Rev. of Fourth City: Essays from the Prison in America. By Doran Larson (ed.). East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 2014. 338 pp. $34.95 paper. Law & Society Review 49 (2015): 544–546. Co-author with Queen Meccasia Zabriskie.

Rev. of Selena, by Mary Tighe:A Scholarly Edition. Ed. Harriet Kramer Linkin. 1650–1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era. 21 (August 2014).

Rev. of Helena Bergmann, A Revised Reading of Mary Hays’ Philosophical Novel Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796): Enlarging the Canon of the Mary Wollstonecraft Literary-Philosophical Circle, and Judith Thompson, John Thelwall in the Wordsworth Circle: The Silenced Partner. BARS Review 43 (December 2013): 31–33.

Rev. of Organising Poetry: The Coleridge Circle, by David Fairer and Anna Laetitia Barbauld: Voice of the Enlightenment, by William McCarthy. European Romantic Review 23:1 (February 2012): 96–101. Print.

Rev. of The Selected Novels and Plays of Thomas Holcroft, Pickering and Chatto, 5 vols. Keats Shelley Journal 57 (2008): 184-86. Print.
Review Essay: “Making a Gentleman: Jane Austen’s Brother Abroad: The Grand Tour Journals of Edward Austen.” JASNA News 21.3 (Winter 2005): 24.

Rev. of Laughing Feminism, by Audrey Bilger. Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 29 (Winter 2000): 695-8.

Review Essay: “The Persistence of Theory.” Rev. of The Insistence of History, by Geraldine Friedman. Co-authored with Jocelyn Van Tuyl. The Comparitist 23 (May 1999): 160-3.

Rev. of Public/Private, by Patricia McKee. European Romantic Review 10:1 Winter (1999): 114-121.

Other Publications
“The Jacobin and anti-Jacobin Novel,” article for Blackwell Encyclopedia of Romanticism. Eds. Diane Long Hoeveler and Frederick Burwick. Chichester, West Sussex: Blackwell, 2012.

“Mary Hays,” article for Blackwell Encyclopedia of Romanticism. Eds. Diane Long Hoeveler and Frederick Burwick. Chichester, West Sussex: Blackwell, 2012.

Thomas Holcroft,” article for The Literary Encyclopedia. 6 April 2010.

Academic Presentations

Invited Presentations

"The New “Normal”: What Anomalous Bodies and Eighteenth-Century Satire Can Teach Us About Our Own Times,"  Annual Ogden Glass Lecture, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. October 2016.

Representing Legal and Political Speech in Eighteenth-Century British Satirical Prints, 1750-1790
,” Conference on Law & Governance in Britain, University of Western Ontario, October 2013.

“Heroines of Liberty: Female Liberty and the Discourse of Rights in 1790s Britain,” Women’s Caucus of ASECS Roundtable for joint ASECS (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) and ISECS (International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) Conference, August 2003.

“Truth and Imagination: The 1794 Treason Trials and the Case of Thomas Holcroft,” Graduate Center, CUNY Faculty and Graduate Student Forum for Eighteenth-Century Studies, May 2001.

“Why Literary Critics Should ‘Do’ History, or What I learned by Working on the 1794 Treason Trials.” ASECS Affiliate Society Roundtable on “The Tensions of Interdisciplinarity: The Competing Claims of Literature and History,” organizers Julia Douthwaite and Mary Vidal, MLA, December 2000.

Conference Presentations

“The Servant’s Eye: Witnessing Adultery,” for Surveillance from Below: Watching our ‘Betters,’ CSECS, October 2016.

"Common Speakers, Visual Images, and Thelwall's World of Elocution," Symposium: Worlds of John Thelwall, Fordham Romanticism Group and John Thelwall Society, June 2016.

“Laboring-class Women's and Men's Roles in Crim. Con. Trials." JJ College of Criminal Justice's 4th Annual Literature and Law Conference: Literature, Labor, and the Law. October 2015.

“Physiognomic Education for Children: Replicating Emotions in The Juvenile Lavater” SEASECS, February 2015.

“Speaking Gesture in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain,” Gesture, MLA, January 2015.

Invited Participant, Disability Studies in the Eighteenth Century: Roundtable, ASECS, March 2014.
"Oration and the Awkward Body: Satirizing Speakers from 1750–1790," for Vari(A)bilities: Conference on the History and Representation of the Body in Its Diversity, July 2013.

“Performance Studies & John Thelwall’s Education in Elocution,” for Performance Theory in the Eighteenth-Century? Roundtable, ASECS, March 2012.

“Legal Rhetoric and Women's Fiction 1796-1828: Wollstonecraft, Inchbald, and Opie,” for The Language of Women’s Fiction, 1750–1830, Chawton House, UK, February 2012.

“On Not Doing the ‘Book,’” Women’s Caucus Professional Roundtable “From Dissertation to Book,” ASECS, March 2011.

“Novel Traditions and Narrating Law: Late Eighteenth-Century British Trials and Fictions,” 2nd Annual Villanova University School of Law and Department of English Law & Literature Symposium: Ethics of Traditions, September 2010.

 “Translating Heteronormativity: Montolieu’s Caroline de Lichtfield and Holcroft’s Translation,” ASECS, March 2010.

“Translating Culture: Montolieu’s Caroline de Lichtfield and Holcroft’s Theories of Translation,” Special Session: Thomas Holcroft: A Bicentennial Retrospective, MLA 2009.

“Fictionality and the Law in the 1780 Gordon Riots,” ASECS, March 2009.

“Narrating the ‘Mob’ in Law and Fiction: Political Agency and Composite Subjectivity,” The Gordon Riots and British Culture, Roehampton University, London, July 2008.

“Radical Writers and Citationality: Mary Robinson and Thomas Holcroft,” ASECS, March 2008.

“Objecting Subjects: From ‘People’ to ‘Mob’ in the Gordon Riots,” ICR, October 2007.

“Smart Women and Gendering History in Mary Hays’s Female Biography (1803),” ASECS, March 2007.

“Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Small Liberal Arts College,” COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) Summer Institute: English Departments, June 2005.

“Amelia Alderson Opie and Cosmopolitan Quakerism,” NASSR, September 2004.

“Trans-Atlantic Subjects: The Limits of Thomas Holcroft’s Abolitionism in Bryan Perdue,” The TransAtlantic World Conference, October 2004.

“Crossing from ‘Jacobin’ to ‘Anti-Jacobin’: Rethinking the terms of English Jacobinism,” ICR, October 2004.

“Crossing from ‘Jacobin’ to ‘Anti-Jacobin’: Rethinking the terms of English Jacobinism,” NEASECS, November 2004.

“Discovering the Political Traveler in Wollstonecraft’s Short Residence in Sweden and Holcroft’s Travels Through Hamburg […] to Paris,” International Conference on Romanticism, October 2002.

“Female Victims and Lost Boys: Challenging Propertied Subjectivity in Victim of Prejudice and Bryan Perdue,” NEASECS, October 2002.

“The Novel on Trial: Constructive Treason and the Case of Thomas Holcroft,” SCMLA, November, 2000.

“Projecting Republican Masculinity in Thomas Holcroft’s Anna St. Ives (1792),” NEASECS, December 1999.

“Secrets, Lies, and Promises: Internalizing Tyranny in Godwin’s Caleb Williams and Fenwick’s Secresy,” invited for presentation at “Exploring the Romantic Era Novel,” University of Groningen, Netherlands, November 1999.

“Thinking Back Through Our Others: Negotiating Joyce through Sterne in The Waves,” presentation on “Revisioning Feminisms” panel, SCMLA, October 1999.
Presented “Enhancing Student Writing: The Student-Initiated Tutorial as Writing Group” at Florida Collegiate Honors Conference, January 1999.

“Secrets, Lies, and Promises: Internalizing Tyranny in Godwin’s Caleb Williams and Fenwick’s Secresy,” SCMLA, October 1998.

“Mary Hays’s Victim of Prejudice: The Politics of Female Suffering,” NEASECS, December 1997.

“Mary Hays’s Virtuous Victim: Female Suffering and Feminine Subjectivity,” Aphra Behn Society Annual Meeting, October 1997.

“The French Revolution in the Cultural Imagination: Eighteenth-century England and France: A Course for Undergraduates at New College” Co-presentation with Jocelyn Van Tuyl. ASECS, April 1997.

“Mary Hays’s Female Philosopher: Imagining Feminine/Feminist Subjectivity,” British Women Writers Association (BWWA), Annual Conference, March 1997.

“Mary Hays and the Female Philosopher: Constructing Feminine Subjects,” 11th Annual DeBartolo Conference: ‘Commemorating Burke, Walpole, and Wollstonecraft’, February 1997.

“Sense and Sensibility in the Writings of Mary Hays: Constructing Feminine Subjects,” BSECS (British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) 26th Annual Conference, UK, January 1997.

“A Simple Story: Narrative Genre and Constructions of Gender in the Late-18th Century,” SSNL (Society for the Study of Narrative Literature) 10th Anniversary Conference, April 1996.

“The French Revolution in the Cultural Imagination: Eighteenth-century England and France: A Course Proposal,” co-presentation with Jocelyn Van Tuyl, ASECS Teaching Competition, March 1996.

A Simple Story: Gender and Genre in the Late Eighteenth Century,” GEMCS (Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies): Third Annual Meeting, October 1995.

“Recontextualizing Masculinity: Gender Fluidity in Tristram Shandy,” NEASECS, September 1995.

“Resistant Masculinity: The Male Body in Tristram Shandy,” WSECS, February 1995.

“Male-male Sentiment and the Subversion of Masculinity: The Case of Tristram Shandy,” GEMCS, November 1994.

“Imagining the Body: Gender Trouble and Bodily Limits in The Waves,” Virginia Woolf Society: Third Annual Conference, June 1993.

“Beyond Love and Battle: Practicing Feminist Pedagogy,” Center for Twentieth Century Studies: Pedagogy and the Question of the Personal, April 1993.

“Nationalism and the Scottish Subject: The Uneasy Marriage of Edinburgh and London in Sir Walter Scott,” International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Belgium, September 1990.

“Taking the Subject Seriously: Affect in the Classroom,” National Women’s Studies Association: Calling the Question: Feminist Pedagogy, June 1990.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Utopic Space and the Politics of Gender,” California American Studies Association: Place in American Culture, April 1990.

“Thinking Back Through Our Mothers: Towards a Genealogy of Women,” 5th Annual Graduate Women’s Studies Conference, March 1988.

Conference Panels Organized or Chaired

"Gesture in the Eighteenth Century," ASECS 2014.
“Emotions: Theory, Practice, Knowledge,” co-chaired with Katherine Jensen, Professor of French, MLA 2014.
“Placing Thomas Holcroft: Dramatist, Novelist, Philosopher, Political Radical,” ASECS 2009.
“The L-Word in Eighteenth-Century Studies,” ASECS 2007.
“Crossing the Channel: British and French Women Writers After the Revolution,” co-chaired with Lesley Walker, Indiana University, ASECS 2006.
Novel Dialogues: Perspectives from the Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1830) and from the Romantic Century (1750-1850) on the British Novel, NEASECS, November 2004.
Novel Dialogues: Perspectives from the Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1830) and from the Romantic Century (1750-1850) on the British Novel, ICR, October 2004. (different panelists)
Criminal Conversations: Illicit, Seditious, and Treasonable Speech in Eighteenth-Century Britain, ASECS, March-April 2005.
“Encouraging Interdisciplinary Teaching,” COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) Summer Institute, June 2005, with Samantha Webb, Montevallo University.
“Trans-Atlantic Representations in British Literature.” Chair, DeBartolo, February, 2004.
“Educating Women: Learned Ladies and Lady Learners,” ISECS/ASECS, August 2003.
“Educating Women/Women Educators,” Sarah Ellenzweig co-organizer, ASECS, April 2002.
Literature and Psychology Group: “The Return of the Repressed: Literature and Psychoanalysis at the End of the 20th Century,” Regular Section of SCMLA, November 2000.
“Revolutionary Projects: The English “Jacobin” Invention of Social Order,” panel organized for “Enlightenment Projects,” (Chaired by Dan White), NEASECS, December 1999.
“Revisioning Feminisms: Intersecting Readings” panel from 17th-20th century, organized for SCMLA (Chaired by Mona Narain), October 1999.
“Enhancing Student Writing: The Student-Initiated Tutorial as Writing Group” panel of New College Students, Writing Coordinator, and Faculty organized and presented at Florida Collegiate Honors Conference, January 1999.
“Revisioning Feminisms: Re-reading the Eighteenth Century,” organized and chaired, ASECS, March 1999.
“Teaching the Eighteenth-Century: ASECS Annual Teaching Competition,” Chair, ASECS, April 1998.
“Channel Crossings: English French Conversations on the French Revolution,” organized and chaired with Jocelyn Van Tuyl, ASECS, April 1998.

Research Assistantships
Research Assistant to Dr. Carolyn Burke. Provided editorial assistance for Becoming Modern, biography of Mina Loy, and library research for new course on “Modernism and Women,” 1992.
Research Assistant to Professor Helene Moglen, UC Santa Cruz. Collaborative work on Jacques Lacan and Tristram Shandy. Humanities Faculty Grant, Winter 1991.
Research Assistant for the Dickens Project, UC Santa Cruz. Organized monthly meetings, edited and drafted grant proposals, and coordinated details with guest speakers. 1989-90.

Professional Activities and Service
Manuscripts Evaluated: Ashgate Publishing, Broadview Press, Bucknell University Press, Edinburgh University Press.
Essays Reviewed for: ABO (Aphra Behn Online), Eighteenth-Century Fiction, European Romantic Review, MOSAIC, Orbis Litterarum, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, Woolf Studies Annual.
Special Delegate on the Status of Women, elected to MLA Delegate Assembly for term 2012–2015.
Reviewer, Kluge Fellowship Applications, Library of Congress, sponsored by NEH, Fall 2012.

Director, Program in Gender Studies, New College of Florida, 2003-06 and 2012-13.

Director, QEP (Quality Enhancement Project) on student Writing/WID/WAC, Part-time Administrative position, New College of Florida, 
Reviewer, NEH Teaching Development Fellowship Applications, Fall 2009.
Co-Chair Women’s Caucus of ASECS, 2003-2006.
Chair, Du Chatelet Independent Scholar Prize Committee, Women’s Caucus-ASECS, 2001-02, 2006-07.
Independent Scholar Prize Creation Committee member, Women’s Caucus-ASECS, 2000-01.
Chair, Literature and Psychology group, South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) 2000-2001; Secretary, 1999-2000.
Judge, Committee Chair, and Editor for “Teaching the Eighteenth-Century: Course Proposals for the Shirley Bill Teaching Award,” 1998 competition.

Community Lectures and Activities

Criminal Conversations: Representing Adultery Trials in Early Britain and America,” one-time alumni class for alumni week, February 2012.
“Taking It to the Streets: The Gordon Riots and Popular Protest in London, 1780.” “Mini-class” for 50th Anniversary Celebration, New College of Florida, February 2011.
Board Member and Advisor, SILL (Sarasota Institute for Lifelong Learning), Consultant for Humanities Lecture Series and Facilitator at selected lectures, 2005-07.
“Regency Culture: Pride and Prejudice,” Selby Public Library, April 2007.
“Eighteenth-Century Women’s Intellectual Community in London: Lessons for 2001,” Brandeis University National Women’s Committee, Sarasota chapter, November 2001.
“Social Reform in the Victorian Novel: Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell,” SILL, Lecture Series on “Victorian England,” Spring 2000.
“Elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story,” New College Library Association, Spring 1998.
“Alaisdair Gray’s Poor Things,” New College Library Association, Spring 1997.

University Service
Provost’s Advisory Committee (Tenure and Promotion), 2002-03, 2006-07, and 2014–2016.
Ad Hoc Committee on Promotion, Spring 2011.
Faculty Academic Status Committee, Chair, Fall 2008.
Academic Masterplanning Committee, 2007-08.
Student Academic Status Committee, Secretary and senior member, 2005-07.
Educational Policy Committee, Chair, 2005-2006.
Admissions Faculty Advisory Committee, 1997-2001.
DeBartolo Conference Committee, USF, 2000-01.
Undergraduate Student Research Grants Committee, New College, 1996-97.
Organizer and Participant: “Gender Studies Workshop: Pedagogy and Gender Studies,” New College, January 2000.
Organizer and Chair: First Annual New College Gender Studies Workshop, “What is Gender Studies at New College?” January 1999.
Examiner for Senior Baccalaureate Exams: Humanities Division, New College, Spring 1996-Present.
Examiner for Senior Oral Exams: Literature Board, UC, Santa Cruz, Winter 1992.
Workshop Leader: Developed and led “Evaluating Student Work: Narrative Evaluations,” Campuswide Teaching Assistant Conference, UC Santa Cruz, October 1991.
Co-organizer: Feminist Pedagogy Conference, UC Santa Cruz, Winter 1989.
Feminist Focused Research Activity, UC Santa Cruz: Member 1986-1992:
Quarterly Conference Committee.
Sub/versions Publication Committee.
Feminist Pedagogy work group.
Graduate Student Association, UC Santa Cruz: External Vice President, 1987-88; Representative to UC-wide Student Association, 1987-88; Literature Board Representative, 1986-88.

Search Committee Service
Art History (Modern) 2015-2016, Committee Member.
Chinese Language and Culture Search 2014–2015, Committee Member.
Russian Search 2009-2010, Committee Member.
British and American Literature: Poetry Search 2006-07, Chair.
British and American Literature: Poetry Search 2003-4,
Committee Member.
British and American Literature: Renaissance/Medieval Search 2001-02, Committee Member.

Dean of Admissions Search 2002-03, Committee Member.
Philosophy Search, 2000-2001, Committee Member.
Visiting Assistant Professor searches: American Literature, Renaissance, Poetry (English), French Literature, Art, etc. 2000-present, Committee Member.
Writer in Residence Search, yearly 2000-2007, Committee Member.

Professional Organization Memberships
Modern Language Association (MLA).
American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ASECS).
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR)


French, strong reading and speaking skills.

Sample Senior Theses Sponsored (avg. 5-7 annually)

IN ENGLISH or  LITERATURE (comparative):

The Setting Sun: Postcolonial Anxiety in Edgar Huntley and Heart of Darkness

Translating the Past, Writing the Self: The Language of the Exile Experience (Russian, Korean, Cuban)

Representing the Monarch: Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria

Fearing the Future: The Uncanny Child in Modern Children's Literature (Baum, Gaiman, Rowling)

Ghosts in the Machine: Toni Morrison’s Beloved  and Salman Rushdie’s Shame

Critical Rhetoric as a Model for the High School English Class

Three Women’s Strategies of Essay Writing: Sor Juana de la Cruz, Helene Cixous, and Virginia Woolf



“You Are About to Begin” reading: Accessibility and Postmodernist Performance in Calvino, Jankowski, and Alÿs

        Inside Out: Collaborative Authorship and Narrative Distribution in Public New Media Artworks and Contemporary Technocultural Developments.



Opposites (Still Must) Attract: Construction of Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Modern YA Literature

The Fiction of Choice: Abortion Plots, Gender, and Patriarchy in Atwood, Didion, Stilltoe, and Brautigan

“You Don’t Have to Be Straight to Shoot Straight”: Military Formations and Impossible Masculinity



Anthropology, Art, Art History,  French Literature, Gender Studies, Hispanic Literatures and Cultures, History, Literature (comparative), Music, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theater.