How to Research

These videos will help you conduct all aspects of the research process, from identifying and accessing resources to citing your sources.

Discover Information Access

Discover Information Evaluation 

  • Identifying Primary Sources [3 minutes] Using primary sources from the Assassination of President Kennedy, this video illustrates the difference between these and secondary sources of the same event.  
  • Scholarly vs. Popular [3 minutes, 12 seconds] Discern the difference between scholarly and popular works.

Discover Legal & Ethical Information Use

  • Avoiding Plagiarism [65 seconds] Learn how to cite resources correctly, so you can avoid the dangers of plagiarism.
  • RefWorks [16 how-tos, from 15 seconds +] Learn about all of the great features in RefWorks that will assist you with citations in various styles.
  • Copyright Essentials [2 minutes, 3 seconds] Understand copyright restrictions, and what is allowable under fair use.
  • Citing Sources. Succinct summary of major styles and helpful information.




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