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Wireless Access

NCF students, faculty & staff:  When connecting to the NCF wireless network, please select the "NCF-Open" SSID.  Once you are connected open a web browser and select “Student”, you will then be redirected to the NCF secure wireless enrollment page.  Please check the “accept terms agreement” box and click the start button.

Next you will be prompted enter your username and password.  Enter your credentials in the format below and select next.

username:  first.last name

password:  *********** 

(Same as your NCF email credentials)

You will prompted to install the New College Safe Connect agent.  Please install the agent and select next.

When the enrollment wizard is completed you will be redirected to the "NCF-Secure" SSID.  Your device is now enrolled on the New College network, you will no longer be prompted for your username and password when connecting to the "NCF-Secure SSID".

For additional assistance, please contact the New College of Florida Information Technologies Help Desk (941) 487-4350.

For non-NCF affiliated users, please see the document below for further instructions.

NCF- Wireless Guest sign on

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is now available in the library. The instructions are here.